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I have a problem, and I’m using Internet Explorer


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You: I have a problem, and I’m using Internet Explorer.

Us: Yeah, the problem is that you’re using Internet Explorer!

IE truly is the handiwork of the devil. It’s not just this website that often has problems with things not working properly with IE, it’s a great, great many websites. Any web designer will tell how much trouble they have to go through to make websites IE compatible, and even then not always successfully. Not only is it bad, it frequently has gaping security flaws, as well.

So, you have a problem with something on this website not working properly, or doing something that it shouldn’t be doing? You’ve been given tech support here, without the problem being resolved? And you’re using IE? The solution is almost certainly the crappy browser! But you do have viable alternatives. Here’s a list of the most popular browsers:


Google Chrome

Apple Safari



Comodo Dragon


Even if, for some unfathomable reason, you’re too in love with IE to stop using it entirely, it’s still always a good idea to get at least one other browser, because if a website doesn’t look or function properly in one browser, it might work properly in other. A backup in any situation is always a good thing. So go on, do yourself a huge favour and upgrade to a browser that doesn't suck. :2tubs:

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