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Original fics up for adoption

Guest Raksha

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So i am very lazy writer but i want to see my little plot bunnies cared for. I have a various amount of Het, and yaoi (aka Slash') stories all over the place. Some have been partially typed up and others i might have to explain to you. I'm always starting new ones and it is very sad how i keep losing some and i want the shown and displayed. Anyhow i write in a variety of genres so if you are interested Hit Me Up.

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I'm willing to adopt slash (if the plot interests me and I think I can do it justice), but I cannot for the life of me write het. My two attempts so far.... One is in the process of being a two-part story that ends in a threesome (MMF) and the other is a foursome, unpublished anywhere. That one is FMMM.

My email is wolf.kin.flight@gmail.com

Please put "AFF" or something about stories into the subject, so I know it's not a spam message. Thanks!

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Guest Jenna F.

Hello, I'd be willing to adopt any of the Het stories if you still need someone to write them. I have a couple of stories posted on my profile if you want to check them out. If still interested, just email me at xxkinkflagxx@yahoo.com.


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Guest Alissa Ramey

That sound's like fun. Email me at fsheralissa@yahoo.com, and i'll pick one. (I'll write about anything, i'm not too picky on my writting). Just tell me your idea's and i'll deffinatly write one for you no matter what. :D

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I have the opposite problem. I love writing, but have trouble coming up with plots. If you have any left to adopt out, I'd be interested in slash or het. My email is m_jardel@me.com

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