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Paradox-en-Vogue - copypasta


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You know, it must be that time of year or something. This one was claiming "adoption" which hadn't happened. What REALLY happened is this person was impatient with the author for not updating fast enough.



You notice he's claiming abandonment? Well, the author is active. Both on FFN and AFF. She also happens to be a BUSY person IRL. Perhaps the fact that she ignored his pestering should have been a clue, no?

This all goes back to the fact that if you think a story is abandoned, and you want to continue it, you ASK THE AUTHOR first. If that person doesn't respond/ignores you, that is NOT permission. That means you leave the story ALONE.

It's a direct copy/paste


This person didn't even take out the original author's name, or notes. By the way the story is also posted here. (Yes, it's the same author, she uses a different pen name on FFN).


See the publish date of the so-called continuation? See the comment in the summary?

Now, you cannot tell me this was a mistake. This user knew PERFECTLY well the story was not his to post.




Kinda cute how he added the story he was intending on stealing to his profile as something he was reading isn't it?

In any case, the first profile was deleted and the user banned. I actually wasn't going to go the full Hall of Shame. Well, I changed my mind. This user created a new profile, fully intended to re-post work not his own. So now he's here.

Ain't life grand?

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