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  1. I'm glad that you are open to any kind of fanfic because there are some animes that I need a beta for that people may or may not know about. Like I fell in love with this manga called 'Kill Me, Kiss Me' which I have three stories for. One of them includes this one which is called 'Here Comes the Bride': http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3149291/1/Here_Comes_the_Bride Also I need a beta for my sailor moon fanfics, though some are crossovers. Here is one of them which is an Inuyasha/Sailor Moon crossover called 'Bastard': http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2567547/1/Bastard I won't give you anything you can't handle and some of the fics can be self-paced since I haven't updated them in a while. But I do plan to do so once I find the write inspiration. I'm looking for a beta who can support and be there for me. Someone who can stay in contact with me and tell me in advance if they aren't able to do a particular fanfic for one reason or another. I love doing crossovers, angst, humor, au, waff, romance fics and will be interested in most, if not all, suggestions concerning the further developement of my characters. I will definetly acknowledge any beta who helps me on the fanfic and understand if sometimes you are unavailable because of things that happen in your life. Whether it's work, school or whatever. Hoping you consider me and if you do e-mail me at simplywandering@yahoo.com with the message subject as 'Potential Beta'. ^^ ~Assassin's Kiss
  2. You said to either contact you here or via e-mail so I'll contact you here first. I nearly jumped up and down for joy when I heard that you can do Fruits Basket and Naruto work. I actually have an interesting FB/Naruto crossover that I'm working on called 'Serendipity' but I'm jumping the gun. I find it very admirable that you can beta even though english isn't your first language. Everytime I try to speak another language it's so choppy and barely understadable that I wonder if I'll ever learn any other language besides english. If you do choose me I would have you focusing mainly on Fruits Basket, Naruto and Inuyasha fics. I do both hetero and yaoi so I'm glad you are able to beta for those as well. If you are a bit harsh than I will try my best to grin and bare it for the sake of the fanfic. There must obviously be reasons why you might feel it necessary to critic me... you would be my beta. But so I don't feel like a two year old who has been spanked with no obvious explanation, I would need a reason why I did a particular thing wrong to correct it. *pokes at her last sentence* didn't quite make sense... did it* But anyway I will of course give you credit for helping me in my fic. And on occasion I will e-mail/IM you randomly to give you a paragraph or two and ask you if this sounds right, should I cut this sentence, or the what not. I have work and school so I can easily understand if you are unable to do something at a certain period of time just let me know. I just need a beta who is mature enough to stick by me through thick and thin. And if they can't make it through it all have the decency to let me know it's too much instead of fading into the background. I've had it with ff.net betas because the ones I run into weren't that loyal but hopefully with you that will be different. I guess that's all... Hope you consider me. And if you do please contact me at simplywandering@yahoo.com. And mark the subject of the message as 'Potential Beta'. Thanks for reading my utter nonsense and until next time... ~Assassin's Kiss
  3. It looks like you have many suitors wanting your services. And it's been a while since you posted up your resume but I still want to give it a shot. It won't hurt me to type a little anyway so... I am an author for both aff.net and ff.net. I currently have over 81 stories that I desperately want to be edited just for my piece of mind. They include: Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, Dragon Ball Z, Harry Potter, Daughters of the Moon, Wolf's Rain, Sailor Moon X-overs, Fruits Basket, Sailor Moon, Charmed, Kill Me Kiss Me, Anime X-overs, D N Angel, and Naruto. So I have been looking at different betas, wondering which beta can help me with whichever number of my fics. I am a college student and also work so I can obviously understand if you can't get to a particular piece of work right away. I'm happy that you are open to different fandoms because I write for many... mainly the anime kind. I love, love, love doing angst. I think if you can make your reader laugh, or cry then it means that on some level they actually connected with that character in your story. I really do love writing and writing fanfics has really improved my writing skills over the years. But my grammer has sadly only improved just enough. It's okay but nothing to brag out. I usually catch on run-on sentences and fragment sentences but sometimes I do mix my 'their' with my 'there' and my 'your' with your 'you're'. I am human and once I get my writing juices running I will type like the wind... or until my hands cramp up and tend to write the closest sounding word as I think it. So I really need someone to reign me in. I'm okay with rereading my own work but sometimes two pairs of eyes are definetly better than one. Especially when I reread a few times and realize that I have missed the same error in so many times. Meh, I guess that's all. I write angst, humor, romance, waff, very rare one-shots, etc. If for some reason you are available or just downright curious to take me for a test drive than my e-mail address is simplywandering@yahoo.com. Just write 'Potential Beta' as the subject so I don't mark it as spam. Oh and thanks for your time ^^;
  4. I am definetly okay if you aren't really comfortable with doing yaoi. The majority of my fanfics are hetero though the latest are yaoi I'm more than willing for you to take the other ones. I do crossovers, angst, fluff, humor, romance kind of fics. Like I have a Inuyasha/Rurouni Kenshin crossover called 'The Color of Blood' on both ff.net and aff.net that could definetly use your loving care. It's suddenly become popular and I want it to really shine by making sure it's correctly edited. Here is the link to the story by the way: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2456065/1/The_Color_of_Blood I also have the Inuyasha story 'Hate is Only Skin Deep' that is temporarily on haitus but is still one of my pride and joys. You can pace yourself with this fic since there are a lot of chapters but to have someone edit it would be a dream come true. Hope you are okay with a Kagome/Inuyasha pairing... oh and did I mention it's a real angst... http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1869935/1/Hate_is_Only_Skin_Deep Well anyway I hope to hear from you. My e-mail is simplywandering@yahoo.com. I'm an author for fanfiction.net and adult-fanfiction.org but my pen names are different for each. They are Simply Hopeless and Assassin's Kiss and I hope that you consider me as a potential partner. Well thanks... ~Assassin's Kiss
  5. Oh, oh this is really music to my ears. A beta and author are really a team and both should give their all for the story so the readers can see its true potential. I want to push myself as an author so that I can churn out quality work and I know if someone like you were my beta than I might just. I am definetly open to criticsm and I am definetly not a saint. I make mistakes, lots of them. But I am willing to improve. I try to look over my work but I need an extra pair of eyes. I want to have a beta who won't mind actually getting involved with a story. I'm willing to hear both constructive critiscm and their input if it would actually better the story. I do both hetero and yaoi fics but right now I'm trying to focus on getting my Naruto fics beta'd. I have others if you aren't so familiar with the anime. They are: Inuyasha, Rurouni Kenshin, D.N.Angel, Wolf's Rain, Yu Yu Hakusho, KM2, Sailor Moon and many more. But please consider me when you choose. I know I'm coming so late in the game but I'm the girl hopping up and down in the back, trying to get your attention from so many admirers. I may be short but definetly determined. If you have questions just e-mail me at simplywandering@yahoo.com and list your e-mail as Potential Beta. Don't want to consider you spam. ~Assassin's Kiss
  6. Hi my pen name is Assassin's Kiss on aff.net and Simply Hopeless on ff.net, I've been disappointed one too many times by the betas found on ff.net. I know there might be some out there that are loyal and trustworthy but I haven't quite run into one yet. I understand if sometimes you are busy with work and school, so am I. But I really need someone who is open enough to work with me. I write mainly Naruto stories on aff.net. But on ff.net I cover such animes as Inuyasha, Wolf's Rain, D.N.Angel, Fruits Basket, Rurouni Kenshin, etc. I'm a lover of crossovers, angst fics, fluff, and humor fics whether it's yaoi or hetero. And would like to find a mature beta to help keep me in line. Use a ruler if you have to but remember I bruise like a grape. ^^ I try the best that I can to reread through my pieces of work. But I don't always have time to. Or don't really catch all of my errors. So I need someone who is a grammer buff and possibly someone who doesn't mind me bouncing ideas off of them. Must have a msn or yahoo messenger so that I can stay in contact with them. And must be patient with me when I get the goofy idea to think up another story when I have enough on my plate right now. Have many fics that are waiting for some loving attention. So please pick me, help me, befriend me if you like. Because two heads are definetly better than one. *bows* Thank you and hope I hear from you soon. ^^ P.S. - my e-mail is simplywandering@yahoo.com. Please label message as 'Potential Beta' or it'll be deleted. Thanks. P.S.S. - may need two betas in case I break first one <.<; P.S.S.S. - must enjoy long walks in the... kidding, kidding XP
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