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I'm arora. I fix stuff for the navy, mostly helicopters. If I’m not sea sick or working I'll be hidden away with my precious laptop typing.

Currently I have a Naruto fixation. I’m still recovering from the Inuyasha one I had not to long ago.

I like my fanfiction angsty and dark, my two stories are just that.... and yaoi.

I enjoy any story with an intriguing plot, regardless of the main character’s genders, but there is just some thing forbidden about yaoi that just draws me in.

Oh well, don’t ask, don’t tell.

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Guest ladygizarme

ladygizarme here! (and everywhere else... unless there was a character limit and then i'm ldygizarme or ladygizarm.. oh and i'm goddess gizarme a couple places.. clever nya? tongue.gif)

guess i prob shoulda started in this thread, but i got impatient and *had* to post a few other threads first..

so.. about me.. well like i said, i'm ladygizarme, or lg for short (some people only shorten it to lady and that's cool too i guess, but rather generic..), crystal, crys, sadie (to my bff ren only, and she's my rita only ^_~), sissy, and multitask goddess (just to name a few)

i'm 22 (soon to be 23, yipes!), married, have a 2 yr old, and have high hopes of being an actual published author someday.. but for a couple years my muse had completely left me... and in came the fanficfaerie, telling me that fanfiction writing will break that block, and hit me over the head with the plotbunny mallet!! well.. idk about that breaking my original story block, but at least it gave me an outlet to put my imagination back to productive use and hopefully helped/will help me improve my writing... and i've now decided, after becoming a couple people's beta also, that i want to be an editor, literature/novel editor preferably..

i've been into anime for YEARS before finally realizing around age 14 that it WAS anime.. then it snowballed even more from like/interest in finding more, to love, to OBSESSION... continuing through to present time where i now have an extensive and ever-growing collection of anime/manga including (to name just a few): Inuyasha, Gravitation, Prince of Tennis, Naruto, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Ninja Scroll, Akira, Wolf's Rain, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Full Metal Alchemist, One Piece, Angel Sanctuary, Paranoia Agent, FLCL, Dragonball/DBZ/DBGT, Ronin Warriors, Samurai Champloo, Princess Mononoke, Loveless... i think i'll just stop there for now tongue.gif

but as long as i've been into anime, i didn't actually start reading fanfics until spring/summer of '04 (well i guess the beatles fics i used to read were fanfics weren't they.. but they were written by other girls my age at the time--read: young teens--and rather immature, and i didn't read/write them *nearly* as avidly as i read on aff..)

reasons for this delay in my immersion in this aspect of fandom:

1) spring/summer of '04 was the first time since my beatles fanfic days that i'd had cable (and therefore easier access to anime) and the internet (therefore access to fanfics) at the same time..

2) i'd just had a baby, and was/am a stay at home mom, so had much more time to browse for interesting/anime things on the 'net (don't have quite so much time now that he's 2, but still more than if i had a *normal* job)

and one day, while googling Inuyasha (my new obsession at the time) found an awesome fanfic for it, and from there i realized what i'd *thought* was obsession had been NOWHERE NEAR it, because then i TRULY became OBSESSED...

just a few short months later, i had started my own IY/YYH Xover fanfic and started posting it on MM... (at that time i was still in the dark about aff's existence *gasp*) and only a couple weeks after that, i wrote a different IY/YYH as a one shot for a contest on ICAF.. and got many requests to continue that as well... both of those are still WIP's, but i think coming along nicely despite how delayed my updates have become lately from me spreading myself too thin and being too easily distracted.. anyway, the second one that sprung from the one shot, A New Dream, A New Destiny (and2) is now posted on aff as well.. my first IY/YYH isn't posted here yet because i want to go through and revise it first..

then, not too long before the new year of '05 started, my girl houseki got me into yaoi HARDCORE (and introduced me to the lovely AFF!! woot!!).. i'd never had any problem with m/m relationships (well it'd be pretty silly if i had been, since i myself have had a same sex relationship), but just didn't read them cuz at the time i was mainly reading on mm, which isn't an easy place to find quality yaoi so i just never touched the stuff.. until i read Movie House Hanyou, in which Inuyasha is bisexual and it was *hot*.. then i read about gravitation in a rightstuf catalog and houseki was hardcore tryin to sell me on gravi.. and i was like "you don't hafta convince me!! i waaaant!!" lol.. from there, you guess it, another snowball, another obsession!! but i swore i'd never write yaoi (as in the actual smut), SWORE IT!! because i couldn't imagine myself writing it w/out blushing hardcore...

alas, even that has been broken, thanks to reading tons of fics, participating in several (and one in particular *smirk*) RP's on ICAF and during ICAF conferences on YIM, and i now have several yaoi fics in the works lol (Gravitation, PoT, HikaGo).. only one is being posted right now, in the Gravitation fandom.. cuz if i try to put out anymore than the 3 fics i now have to work on, houseki will WHIP ME BLOODY!!

anyway, as you see, i'm am yet another yaoi fangirl, and that is mostly what i read now (specifically: PoT, Naruto, Gravitation, FMA, Loveless, Jrock/Gackt, IZ-Red/Purple lately), though i do enjoy a good het still when i actually like the pairing (mainly het in IY still: inu/kag, sess/kag, kouga/kag.. see a theme??)

my IY/YYH fics are both centered around het pairings (though the one i haven't posted on aff isn't mainly about the pairing..), BUT slash does somehow find its way into them (because to me it is a natural part of life) whether it be subtle in undertones, or flat out obvious.. and and2 has a bit of yuri in it, though not graphic cuz it's between OCs i needed for the fic and no one really cares about lemons between OCs in a specific fandom...

and now that i've rambled forEVER you've learned yet another thing about me: i'm extremely longwinded once i get goin' and tend to ramble and skip from topic to topic before getting to (or back to) the topic.. if i ever DO get to the topic.. so for those of you that wake up realizing this chick is STILL typing and you've just been continuously scrolling while asleep at your computer, i'm sorry!! i'm done now, you can read the next post!!

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Guest Houseki

Doood! Cracked up hardcore at the mention of the RP at conf!! Yeah, that was one helluva interesting night...still kills me that sean left in the middle of it lmfao!!

Ah the ever present ramblings of crys!! And people say we're alike?! Shaa! ^___~

It's cute to think back at how embarrassed you thought you'd be writing yaoi, yet DA is soooo good and descriptive I know you're not blushing!! There's no way cuz I know you too well hehe

And yeah dood I'd beat ya bloody if you wrote any more fics..just like you need to beat me when I say a plot bunny attacked me. I must work on BP first and foremost..then TTAATT!!!! and then Home ^__^

I knew once you got going I'd feel like my intro wasn't long enough, even though I thought I did ok. ah well..not much else for me to add now that i've stayed up all night with ya on here. Time for bedaroo so I can catch some zzz's before pickin up renaroo, nya.

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Guest Damask

Hi, *waves at random* I've been on aff.net for about...er...from 2003, but started posting in 2004 and yeah. I was Oisa but I'm Damask at the moment.

My grandfather was a huge mecha/shonen (boys) manga (comics) fan most of his life and he was well over a hundred when he died in 2001. He passed that trait on to me. At my birth he gave me a manga. Five Star Stories to be exact. I'm now in my early 20's and FSS is still one of my favorite. I am not that big of an anime, game or shoujo (girl's) manga fan. Manga is my choice of drugs, writing fanfictions of them is my stress relief.

English is not my first language, and every time I go to post something, I find huge, glaring mistakes. So I don't. I do have two originals up, but that's it. I'm not a prolific writer. I'm slow, careful, attentive and obsessively detailed. I make schematic charts detailing every symbol on a character's various shoes depending on where they are wearing it, that's how detailed I am.

I'm deathly frightened of reviews. Yeah. Stupid, but I can't help it. Another reason why I have only 2 stories. All of my stories usually starts out very innocent, sweet and light and gradually goes dark, sarcastic and deadly for the characters. Lots of fetishes. Lots of sex. Violence, action and convulated, backstabbing plotlines. Lots of characters performing a any number of fetish acts upon one another in every gender arrangements I can think of (and if I can't, various friends of mine can.) during sex, during a horse ride, on top of the roof, on the door steps, across a balcony, doing homework. Yes. I'm a dirty little girl. A sadistically happy one.

You can stop right here or if you want to read the list of the fandoms, go ahead. smile.gifBold indicates the fandom I write in. Again, all fanfics are not up, only originals.

Manga version preferred:

Most yaoi titles, Five Star Stories, MPD-PSYCHO, Gravitation, Mirage of Blaze, Yami no Matsuei, Tokyo Babylon, Trinity Blood, Bleach, Alichino, X/1999, Kizuna, BLAME, Vampire Hunter D,


Most anything yaoi, Ai no Kusabi or Legend of Blue Wolves/Horseman of the Apocalypse anyone? I absolutely refuse to touch Earthian or Fake. I hate them both.

Devilman, Spirited Away, Wonderful Days, Wolf's Rain, Get Backers, Gensomaiden Saiyuki, Grave of the fire flies, Heroic Legend of Arislan, Witch Hunter Robin, Gundam Wing, Twilight of the Dark Master,

Games Japanese, which has anime/manga of them because I can't play to save my own life:

Galerians, Legacy of Cain, Devil May Cry, Chaos Legion,


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Guest Blue Siren

Howdy everyone!

I'm Blue Siren. Not much to tell about me really, I love manga, anime, reading and writting, playing videogames--at my age all these things ought to be illegal-- and most of all listening to music.

I hope I have a blast here with ya'll

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Guest MelMuff

Hiya everyone! I'm MelMuff. My real name is Melanie and I'm 24. My fav animes are Sailor Moon, InuYasha and Mew Mew Power. I've been a Sailor Moon fan for over a decade now.

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Guest Kibacheza

Hello, Hello. I'm Kibacheza. As some of you can tell, I'm a Wolf's Rain - aholic. I also like Harry Potter, InuYasha, and Fullmetal Alchemist. Right now, I'm bored sh--less and can't sleep. huh.gif

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Guest Truten4

I'm Truten4, Leader and Commander of Something Or Other.

I like to write, and read and draw, and think, and sleep, and breathe, the simpler things. AFF and FFN are the two best sites ever in the history of fanfiction!

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Guest shedreamsindigital


Just joined.

Call me whatever...I answer to anything and everything...although calling me she would be wierd.

Um just call me saturnstar or just star.

Hell you can use my first name if you wish(available on request).

So I haven't written a whole lot b/c I was w/o net access for over a year and a half and my muse went on an extended vacation.

The stuff I did write is under the original erotica section.

It's just m/f pwp but I have been working on m/m slash(Mulder/Krycek) that never went anywhere really.

I think I tried to do too much plus there was a Mulder/CSM anal rape scene and given what we found out 7th season that was totally sick and yet...I had to type. lol

Anyway I am addicted to Nightwalker(my poor DVD has melted I think) and Lupin the 3rd and X-Men(I am actually trying to figure out how to go about doing a Xavier/Magneto fic and a Magneto/Quicksilver fic. Evil sick me but damnit man. lol) but I'll be around more or less...

Just a friendly warning. tongue.gif

Anyway I'm all over the net.

Hell I have myspace and livejournal(once again available on request) so if anyone wants to befriend me i'm around.

I don't bite...my fiance won't let me. wink.gif

Unless you're a chick and then he wants to watch. lol

Yes, geting married in 6 weeks and then I'll have a stepdoggy.

a 13 yr old rottweiler named Beast.

The dog is more than half my age...then again my fiance is almost twice my age. lol

I likes my men mature. hehe

Anyway hi.


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Guest Kiaralana

Hello everyone!

I'm new to AFF and I discovered it last month through a link to "Chasing Naruto" given on DeviantArt, and I love it ! I read others in the same categoriy too : Naruto-yaoi! tongue.gif

I'm a student and I have internet access only at school so this means I have no access on week-ends only during the week. It also means that sometimes I get a computer without anyone nearby able to peer over my shoulder and sometimes not dry.gif

I also read GundamWing yaoi fic or Harry Potter yaoi fic (I'd have read more fics if I could, but see previously). And I don't write at all.

See you!

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Guest TricksterKitsune

I'm Trickster Kitsune, moderator of Aimless Babble, and I'm a yaoi-holic. biggrin.gif

Anyway... I'm currently a college student majoring in Asian Studies with the hopes of becoming a Japanese teacher...

I've been into anime/manga for over 7 years and I'm still going strong! My favorite anime is Yami no Matsuei and I have too many favorite manga to name. Let's just say my computer is packed with over 80 yaoi scanlations. happy.gif

I think that's all I have to say... blink.gif

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Guest brokenrose

Hello, my penname is Brokenrose and my real name is Maygen (that's really how it's spelled). I've been a member of AFF since December 20, 2003.

I have currently on AFF:

Yu-Gi-Oh yaoi/shounen-ai fics

Saint Seiya yaoi/shounen-ai fics

Tales of Symphonia yaoi/shounen-ai fic

Saiyuki yaoi/shounen-ai fics

Gravitation yaoi/shounen-ai fics

non-fiction story

original fics/poem

Some challenges (which no one responded too, how sad)

I also like to read fiction from:

Cardcaptor Sakura (usually Touya/Yukito or Touya/Yue or Yue/Touya)

Vampire original fiction

Yami No Matsuei

Gundam Wing


Naruto (KakaIru mostly, sometimes SasuNaru or NaruSasu)

Legal Drug

Fruits Basket

Anyway, if you can't tell from what I write and read, I love yaoi and shounen-ai. I tend to be technologically challenged but I can use Microsoft ® word pretty well.

I'm naturally blonde and I can be ditzy sometimes, but mostly I hope I'm not the dumb blonde stereotype.

I am Canadian and have the maple leaf tattood onto my wrist to prove it (then again I have a biohazard symbol on my other wrist, so what does that prove?).

I have no problem with topics like incest, bondage or rape if they are written well and realistically.

Anyway, that's all I can think of to introduce myself.

Laterz people, happy writing!

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Guest ren-chan

konnichiwa- ren-chan here... loche... ummm rita, and major baa baa.. depending on who you ask. there isnt much i dont like. sometimes people get annoying and i just ignore them and sing Prince of Tennis music in my head. Because Prince of Tennis is probably close to my fav anime..i love Gravitation, and wooot FMA.... mmmmm Edlicious... but for the most part i am really just getting into the whole scene, thank LG and Hoseki for that one.

I am currently obsessing over (and ask the aforementioned ladies about my obsession habits) FMA, PoT, and DNAngel. Eva is right up there with Gravitation and Fooly Cooly, Paranoia Agent, Naruto, ummm yeah.. and so many more.

i love to write, and i love to listen to music. I love to talk (hahaha) i just love lots of things ne? Sometimes i get to be an instaninja like >> ph34r.gif this dude, and that is fun because i get some awesome stares... dont we Hoseki? yes we do. There really isnt much else for me to say about myself. Im mostly a pretty boring person, depending on my mood. This wasnt that great of an intro, but if ya dont like it.... tongue.gif to you i guess. laugh.gif arigatou for readin and enjoy yourselves. wink.gif mwahahahaha


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Guest ladygizarme

lol konbanwa my rita!!! you joined and posted and didn't tell me, naughty girl! and heehee dude, somehow when i read that intro i started feeling really hyper.. and that is funny cuz i've been so ughh today.. thank you, you know i needed that!!

ahh anyway, indeed i do know about your obsession habits.. watch out folks, if you're anywhere near when ren has an obsession attack, you will not only see it, but be affected and sucked in as well!! and man, it is hardcore.. but oh so fun to watch and benefit from happy.giflaugh.gif

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Guest GourryGabriev

Hi I am somewhat new here I plan on trynig to write a few stories as well as a challengeor 2 is some of the area's where i see a potential mathc-up that no one has yet to try. ok wlel wish me luck.


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Guest Houseki

Hoi! Hoi! The great thing you have to remember about us is that we usually obsess over the same thing at the same time, so we can enjoy it oh so much more.

like right now, our biggest obsession that we CANNOT get rid of for the life of us, would be Tonde! A song Ryoma and Eiji sing on one of the POT albulms.

Ren and I were on the way to her work this morning, we both are sitting quietly, she was thinking about...something, and i was thinking about..something (it was at 8am what do you expect?) and all of a sudden we both start singing Tonde! out loud and we just look at each other and laugh.gif It was very random and very perfect.

Hoi, inne, the Instaninja ph34r.gif ability we possess is meta-metacarpus warhead dane! Believe it! (is laughing hysterically at the moment and only ren would understand why!!!) oh man...so..just so..WRONG!!!

yeah so anyways, i thought i'd just throw that in tongue.gif Plus we're wating for our Crys to get down here so we can be a force to reckon with...we'd be hella Team 7 or some shit eheheh

ok i'm ghost ~~~~~~~~~~

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Guest Trollmia

Hello everyone.

I've been trying to figure this forum-thingy out. Not really my style at all, but hey - I'm willing to try anything new...

I am Trollmia and/or Atropa. Any Inuyasha-lover's out here probably know me as Atropa. I had a period when I wrote fanfic in the Inu-fandom.

I am from Sweden, 32 years old with a love for anime.

But since the anime stopped, my inspiration stopped and I went over to obsess myself with Naruto instead. While writing Inu-fics I had and still have a favourite pairing and that's Inuyasha/Sango and most of my stories have that pairing. But I also did a lot of really unusal ones, like Inuyasha/(humanoid) Kirara, Inuyasha/Ayame... My pride from my time of Inu-writing is Night time, a collection of one-shot lemons with Inu/Sango.

In the Naruto-fandom I must say I am very conventional - I really love and adore the stories which pairs up Naruto with Sasuke. So yeah, I'm a yaoi-lover as well and have tried on several m/m-stories by now. But I have also done some unusal ones as well. Actually, I have never read another fic than my own where Kakashi is paired up with Hinata. But then again - I haven't look very hard either.

I really like lemony, funny, a little angsty, stories with a happy ending.

So... I think that's that... a little introduction to who I am and what I'm doing...

See you around folks...

- Trollmia

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I'm nix, or nixling in the archive. I've been reading fanfiction for probably seven years now, and writing for about six. I don't have much to show for it, though. I'm constantly rewritting all of my stuff.

I'm usually more into HP fanfiction for some reason. I can be found, however, lurking in the anime categories. Current favorites are: Tengo Tenge, Gundam Wing, and Ronin Warriors.

I enjoy epic stories with plenty of tragedy and darkness, so if your writing anything in the above mentioned cateogories that is tragic, complex and dark, send it to me!

I'm just now getting into reading manga's, since they just started selling them in bookstores where I live. For this reason my anime and manga background is rather lacking.

Thus if you ever obsessed with an anime and would like to drag someone else intothe obession, I'm a good person to contact. I'm always open to suggestions.

And thats it.

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Guest omnichild

Hi! I am omnichild! I just started reading and writing fanfictions late september. So I am still new at writing and am not very good at it yet. My favourite anime at the moment is One Piece and Naruto. You can also find me at the Arlong Park forums. At first I wasn't into yaoi. Then I read a story, then another. And well as quoted in my siggy "I need my gay porn!"

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I always forget to do this. So yeah, I'm Iggy Lovechild. To say the least I'm an aspiring writer and have a terrible addiction to fanfiction, especially the naughty kind. I do post on AFF, as well as other fanfiction hosting sites.

I am not awake now. I'm sorry this is so short. I am not as stupid as I might sound at the moment.

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Guest Ookathing


Hello all! My name is Yahkana!

I'm huge fan of this site and I love Yaoi!

I love all but I get picky about every think that happens to me that's why I'm gonna tell you what I like and don't like.

I love people, my girlfriend, My best friends...

Ihate not having control. dry.gif

Any way I love parings and I love hot guys!

I like meeting new people as well so please talk to me freely if you please! ph34r.gif

I also would love it if people recommened me so different Fan Fiction Straight or not!


1) hAI- YES!

2) jA) - see ya!

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Guest Soulsearcher

Hello! My name is Soulsearcher and I'm an anime dork. I mean that in the most complimentary form of course!

I enjoy my job as a singer/dancer/actor and when I'm not trying to keep up with my husband, His Lordship Havoc, I enjoy watching anime and writing fanfiction.

ummmm... I like cookies?

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Guest Sexycat_85

Hi everybody!

My name is Patty. I love f-fictions.

I want to write my own f-fic but I want to write so many parings

so I don't know wich I sould start with. Excuse for my bad english.

I'm from Sweden. laugh.gif I've got two rats and soon I got three more.

hmm... What more can I write?

Ooh... btw...I couldn't find any Level C f-fics.

That made me a little dissapointed.

Maybe I should write a f-fic about Mizuki and Kazumi.

Well Thats all I write now. See u guys!!!


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Hi, I'm Sin Acies, please just call me Sin. I'm Sin Acies on every site I post to, so that simples things up a bit. I write yaoi, pretty much exclusively, with the occasional gen. fic thrown in to set *up* for future yaoi. Nothing against yuri or het, I'm just addicted to the boy-love!

I could list all the fandoms I've written fics for, but since they very rarely get typed and posted (cause there's just no *time*!) I'll just mention the ones I *have* posted fics for. Weiss Kreuz (Yohji/Aya fovever!) and Avatar: the Last Airbender (Aang/Zuko). I have *no* idea how I got so insanely tangled up in that cartoon, but it seems I'm stuck there.

My Weiss fics tend to go all dark and angsty, cause it's *Weiss* and the Avatar fics are shaping up to be pretty dark to because, let's face it, Zuko was just *made* for the darker side of fanfiction.

Here's one thing I don't get, though. When did I fall outta the loop? What's all this Kataang and Zutara crap? What happened to semixuke or at least the character's entire name? And OTP? The hell's that about? I've been reading/writing fanfiction for something like a decade . . . OMG! I'm a yaoi fanfic *veteran*! LOL.

Well, that's basically all I can think to say this early in the morning. I love to swap ideas and chat. I honestly appreciate constructive criticism, so don't fear to lemme have it. Oh! And the more I get poked, the more I'm inclined to update, so if you just happen to fall into the category of wanting me to write more, please let me know! It's great for inspiration and does wonders for my mood!


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Guest Miyuutsuu

Yo, I'm Miyuutsuu.

Had this accursed alias since '97. It still sticks to me.

My current fics are Pokemon right now. But I'm working on some for King of Fighters & Samarai Spirits (Showdown). They're still in the re-editing stages for grammar & spellings. Sometimes even rewriting the script from scratch again.

I'm much of a person who chooses some radical pairings. Take 'Naughty Kitty Theaters' for example...I actually pulled off a Mewtwo X Clair fic. Very out of the blue. But it proves a vital point: anything can happen in fanfics.

I'm just doing mainly guy/girl fics, but still learing to do yuri & yaoi fics too on my notebooks. I'm not one who's shuns them. They're great too. Delectable pieces too I might add. smile.gif

Though I've been a member here for less than a year, I've known this site for years.

Well, I got to go back to work. Later!


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