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Invader Zim fics by Krimzon

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So I'm pretty sure this definitely isn't going to get me anywhere, but I had to try. I'm desperately aching to reread a series of rather old Invader Zim fanfics by an author by the name of Krimzon (or some variation of that), the first of which is titled "Invasion" and the second of which is titled "Conquest", and which involve horrifically beautiful ZADR noncon that I now find myself craving like a crack addict. My mental scars have finally healed, and I'm ready to start picking at them again.

Unfortunately, the author seems to have disappeared wholesale from the internet, and the few links I've managed to find are dead ends. So if anyone out there happens to be a wizard or something, I'm fairly sure I'd eat some dragon toenails to get my virtual hands on this stuff again.

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I’m with you, actually. I’ve tried to look through the Wayback Machine to little avail, as it only has a chapter or two archived before it leads to the dreaded ‘webpage not archived’. Went to other internet archive websites with nothing there. Almost put my first through the screen a few times, too. It really rots that she deleted them. 

Sorry that I have nothing to help you with. Just want to let you know that you’re not alone in this struggle. But wherever you are, Krimzon, I hope that life is nothing but good to you. 

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