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Tattoo Idea

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My plan is to have 8 tattoos dotted about on my body, of played noughts-and-crosses games. Or tic-tac-toe, as you prefer. Here's my plan for whereabouts to have them:


I also wondered what your thoughts were on having variations on the theme. I'm not massively into the idea of heart shapes instead of noughts, but if any other alternatives occur to you guys then I'd love to hear them. I am considering having one left empty, possibly with the words, 'Wanna play?' underneath.

So, what do you lot think? Cringeworthy or good?

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Sounds interesting honestly. And I like the idea of the original x's and o's. I also like the idea of leaving one open. Heck, then when you are bored, you can take out a pen and challenge a friend then wipe it clean! lol

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