yukihime user prompt #3

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Prompt three. :lol:

Prompt: accubation

- the practice of eating or drinking while lying down

Sample post taken from rules.

Pen Name: Apollo

Story link: (Link)

Review replies link: (link, if you have one)

Type of fic: Drabble

Rating: Adult ++

Fandom: Original

Pairing: N/A

Warnings: M/M, PWP, Oral, Bond

I don't plan on closing this thread.

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So you caught the "difficult words no one has ever heard of bug"? LOL

LOL, yes! But I find it fun and refreshing to write from one-word prompts. :D It's an addiction that's actually healthy for you.

EDIT: I have a whole list of unusual words and thought I'd share. It grows every day.

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I would love feedback. Hope you enjoy.

Pen Name: yukihime

Title: Accubation - word count 338 *

Story link: http://manga.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600000000

Type of fic: Oneshot

Rating: Adult+

Fandom: Red River

Pairing: Kali/Yuri

Warnings: AFFO, ChallengeFic, COMPLETE, Oneshot

* added by me.

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