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Hello fellow adult fanfiction reader and writer!

I'm very interested in becoming a beta for Final Fantasy yaoi fanfiction, preferrably FF7/FF8/FF10/FFX-2/FFXII, but I'm willing to give other things a try, including crackfics, crossovers, and originals if you need grammar help or ideas to help advance your plot once it has begun.

I'm very picky when it comes to grammar, and I think that part of what makes a wonderful fanfiction is its grammar (depending on the degree of error), so I'm more than willing to hand-pick as many grammatical errors as I possibly can, and explain why - and I'm willing to read a work more than once without a problem if needed!

There isn't really anything I refuse to beta when it comes to story content (BDSM, shota, Non-con, etc.), so if I do end up denying to beta something, most likely the reason will be a lack of time (which is rare) or something much more specific. But most likely I won't deny any fanfiction up for beta.

Hmm... as for myself personally, I'm currsnely working on a FF7/FFX crossover titled Otherworld and so far I have the prologue and first chapter available to all. I'm working on the second chapter now and should be put up soon. I've read many, many fanfictions including the longest and best Valenwind I've seen on the internet named Shattered Ice Redux (read 4 times) and Shattered Dreams (read twice), and also the Yuffie/Nanaki sequel Shattered Traditions, all written by the lovely author dracoqueen22, an author I love and honor to the fullest since reading the original Shattered Ice. Yes, I read a lot, even my library at home has been growing every time I had a few extra bucks in my pocket (thank you Barnes and Noble LOL).

I'm available on MySpace at, so you may contact me there and get to know me more personally (I check it every day), or you may send an email over to me at I check my email more than once per day, and I'm usually available some evenings, many late nights, and weekends depending on my work hours. The time you send me a message doesn't really matter because I will read it as soon as I check it which is usually within 36 hours at the most (in cases where I dont get online for a while).

I'm looking forward to reading some new material, so feel free to send it right over to me!

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I am working on an original story and I am indeed stuck. I'm thinking about having several betas help out because, as a reviewer told me, my story has rabies and it needs serious work. Please let me know if you are interested and I'll give you the link to the story.

Sure, I'll help you out! Feel free to give me the link! ^_^

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