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  1. Category name: Primeval Section category to be in: Television Do you have any stories for it?: Yes *work in progress* Please and thank you ^^. --added
  2. My birthday was already put in, but thank you so very much for sending me the message ^^.
  3. I know a thing or two about BDSM...actually looked into it for research purposes. I wouldn't mind helping you out. I also have ADD but I'm pretty well focused..when taking my meds haha. I work well with people and am always looking for something new to do. ^^
  4. I usually am a romantic writer....if avoiding the words haha. I usually blush if I have to write anything sexual and I only have very few stories like that. Sooo yeah, the few I have written I've blushed through while writing it being romantic. Hahha.
  5. The following myths are brought to you by: My little brother ^^; who hates the fact I'm bi. Myth: People who write or read Yaoi/Yuri can turn gay if they were straight to begin with Truth: This is not true, I know for a fact that a lot of people are straight and write yaoi and or yuri stuff and are still straight. Just cause they write it doesn't mean they will eventually fall in love with it and demand to turn gay/lesbian just because they've written a lot of those kinds of stories. Myth: People who are bi are actually fully gay or fully lesbian. Truth: Not true. I'm bi and I like both guys and girls. I perfer guys more so, but I still like girls. It also doesn't mean that they say they are bi just to hide the fact they are gay and/or lesbian. Myth: All gay people are going to hell because it says so in the Bible. Truth: *I know...I opened a can of worms but my brother tells me this all the time ^^; * This is not true. The Bible does have a few verses that say its wrong; but the Bible does also have times where one line might say one thing and later have something that is the complete opposite of what was stated yeah ^^; that's what I say about that haha. (EDITED) Myth: All gay guys know about fashion, hair products, ect. Truth: That is not always the case. For instance, today I made this mistake by asking one of our gay employees if he happened to know if Damion Christofer *a hair care company* and TG-John Freiddia were run by the same company. He did not know the answer; meaning that not all gay people know that stuff ^^; making me feel bad haha.
  6. Hey HystericalWoman I read your story and I would like to co-write this with you, if you would like me to that is. I might be more of a muse though ^^; I enjoyed it and I do have a few ideas where you can go with it, just a few though. PM if you want me to help you write it. SinkingIntoDarkness
  7. The following is an advertisement to my story. Title: And the Father Is...? Author: SinkingIntoDarkness Rating: Adult + Summary: Kuwabara drinks something at Yusuke's 21st birthday party and ends up preggy, but the problem is; he's still a virgin! Pairing: Yusuke/Kuwabara/Chuu *yaoi* Feedback: Greatly appreciated. Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho URL: Thank you for taking the time to read this mini promotion and I hope you will read my story ^^. SinkingIntoDarkness
  8. I thought I did that ^^; Ok I'll do it again ^^ Het Pairings are as follows: Yusuke/Keiko Yusuke/Botan Kurama/Botan Hiei/Keiko Hiei/Botan Koenma/Botan Kuwabara/Yukina Toguro /Genkai Hiei/Yukina *twincest* Yaoi Pairings are as follows: Hiei/Kurama *major pairing found* Yusuke/Kuwabara Yusuke/Hiei Yusuke/Kurama Kurama/Kuwabara Hiei/Kuwabara Yuri Pairings are as follows: Shizuru/Yukina Shizuru/Botan Botan/Yukina I hope this helps ^^
  9. The following are mostly what are seen in the YYH category. Male/Female pairings: Yusuke/Keiko Yusuke/Botan Kurama/Botan Hiei/Keiko Hiei/Botan Koenma/Botan Kuwabara/Yukina Toguro /Genkai Hiei/Yukina *twincest* Male/Male Pairings *Yaoi* Hiei/Kurama *major pairing found* Yusuke/Kuwabara Yusuke/Hiei Yusuke/Kurama Kurama/Kuwabara Hiei/Kuwabara Female/Female Pairings *Yuri* Shizuru/Yukina Shizuru/Botan Botan/Yukina
  10. Ok, I'm a HUGE fan of Yusuke/Kuwabara, not to mention I write a lot of this pairing; but its like not enough. I know not too many people like Kuwabara, let alone want to write him in a fan fiction. However, you have to admit; they are perfect for each other. They act gay to each other in the anime it self *[especially in the un-edited version and more so later in the series] * But that's besides the point. Even though these two are just so obvious, not too many fan fics are about them!! I sometimes feel like I'm the only one who writes it; however, I do remember there was a time where AFF had some Kuwabara fans/writers who only wrote fics about the human with a heart of gold. Now they died out like the how the dinosaurs died ^^; I love this pairing for many reasons: Kuwabara brings out the best in Yusuke; making Yusuke want to be better and the same goes for Yusuke bringing out the best in Kuwabara. They both get extremely upset whenever the other one is hurt; unless they are doing the hurting...then it doesn't bother them ha ha. And then my favorite; the tension between them when it comes to their feelings. I know it could be considered just 'healthy manly love' but there are times where you're just not sure if its normal man love or the *other* kind of man love ha ha. So that's my argument ^^. And that is why I love those two together. *Actually I love anyone that's with Kuwabara, but I just love this pairing most*