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  1. Well I had recently changed my Name above my status to *lover of slash, writer of slash* then I log in and its changed to *otters walk among us* just wondering what happened to it
  2. thanks I was wondering what they were for
  3. I need a beta for my story prehistoric hogwarts if anyone can help i would very grateful
  4. What is your fav pairing for Yu Yu Hakusho? Mine is either: Hiei and Kurama Hirameshi and Kurama Hirameshi and Hiei
  5. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru
  6. Always says whats on his/her mind
  7. Guilty G/NG was found out to be having sex in a shop changing room
  8. *gives them to a bunch of clowns* throughs in a cute little puppy
  9. Sephiroth/Cloud Vincent/Cloud
  10. Rachel

    Johnny Depp

    Here is a place were you can talk all about Johnny Depp and what you think of him
  11. My is jean-claude from Anita blake
  12. Rachel

    Gay Blades

    I was wondering if any one has read this book and what you think of it?? and I'f anyone knows were to get any more of Ben tylers books
  13. Rachel

    Anita Blake

    I wish they made a anita blake Slash. I have read them and liked them but I rather it was all slash
  14. I was wondering what you all would think if J.k.Rowling suddenly came up with a slash Harry Potter??
  15. Does any one else think that buffy is a sorta like a wh*re cause she seems to have SOO many boyfriends and she like has sex with them nearly every episode
  16. PLEASE READ!!! Ok ok people... This is how it works, its a very easy game with simple rules. And even though the name of the game is "If my parents-" it doesn't mean that is has to be your parents; it could be your best friend(s), spouse, sibling(s), etc. And when it comes to your secret anything goes... I only ask a few things from you before you begin... Here are the rules... lol 1) Please when posting start it off with "If my __________ found out I..." and finish it with your secret 2) State what you think they would say or do if they found out your secret... 3) How you would like them to react THANKS FOR PLAYING MY GAME!!! ENJOY!!!
  17. *Yes prank phone calls thanks ^^* *throughs in Fall out boy*
  18. I was wondering if anyone has played this game and if it is a good game to download and play on my computer?? Here is the description of the game Silver Chaos is a Japanese BL video game made by the softwarehouse Vivid Color [1] and artworked by Takatsuki Noboru [2]. As with most of the yaoi video games, it features a story developing in text and illustrations, in which the player is sometimes called to make a choice and decide what the protagonist will do. Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow. The story of Silver Chaos is set in an hypothetical fantasy role-playing game world, which once was menaced by a cruel demonic entity called Hadeus. The terrible war which followed had left many orphans, and one of them is Might. Raised up without his parents, with the only company of his older friend Adonis (another orphan), Might became an ambitious teenager training for his dream to become a soldier of the royal army. One day, though, Might found himself terribly wounded in a battle with a demon-monster. Adonis, who loved Might over anything else, used a forbidden dark spell to save his life. So Might's life was saved... but Adonis mysteriously disappeared. Might will then go on a quest to find out what has happened to his beloved Adonis, meeting a rather wide range of handsome characters – each one with a peculiar personality – who will either join him in his quest or become an obstacle to it. The player, after making the appropriate choices, will be able to pair up the protagonist with one of the characters he will meet. Characters Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow. Might: The main character of the story who is saved by his best friend Adonis with the "The way of the anti-soul". He is a skilled swordsman that studied in “Silver Training School” and along his way he meets many comrades to help him find Adonis. Adonis: Might's best friend that has been with him since they were very young. By using a forbidden spell book called “The Way of the Anti-soul” he unknowingly casts a spell to revive the demon king Hardius. Hardius: The main villain of the story, he is the demon that wreaked havoc ten years ago and was sealed by a great magician and warrior. Unsealed by Adonis and with a brand new body, he is out to cause destruction upon the world once again. Hector Brice: Hector is potentially one of your allies in the game however, he starts off as an enemy. After witnessing his family’s murder, he becomes dark and twisted, vowing revenge on the people who killed his family. Sergei Claudius: The king of the land and the man who helped the people deal with the catastrophe ten years ago by building training schools and orphanages. Upon hearing about Hardius’ return, he aids Might in his battle against the demon king. Werne Claudius: The prince and heir to the throne. Werne has lived in a sheltered life where everything was given to him, because of this, Werne has become very spoiled and selfish. He yearns to go to the outside world and be free so he often sneaks out of the palace. This often gets him into trouble. Fritz: Fritz is Werne’s mentor and caretaker. Although he is weak and is a pushover, he cares a lot about the prince. He always ends up following the prince in his plans and unable to keep Werne out of trouble. Lorrence: The head of the royal guards, he is asked by the king to aid Might in his quest to defeat Hardius. He is a powerful swordsman with a serious attitude, because of this he often falls victim to Leica’s jokes. Leica Kit: Leica is a free-lance bounty hunter and will do anything for money, whether it’d be a singing contest or hunting down an incredible monster, he’s up for the task. Playful and a joker, he adds comic relief to the story line and often teases the other characters. Pam: An animal child that Might encounters on his journey. Seeing such a small child as an orphan, Might takes him in. Pam possesses unimaginable strength and is by far the strongest character physically, in the game. He often whines and says things bluntly as any child would, he is searching for his parents. Kurt Howell: A priest who lives in the Varoja temple. He is calm and has a quiet demeanour, and takes things in his own pace. He is devoted to his god and very polite. In his spare time he enjoys embroidery and mixing health drinks. Ragsiel: The god who helped seal the demon Hardius ten years ago. He is lecherous and very perverted which often makes the other characters doubt what type of god he is. Although Ragsiel is a pervert, he is very serious when it comes to matters involving Hardius.