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  1. DoctorYnot

    Bug With Reviews

    Thanks so much for the prompt attention! I’m glad anonymous reviews are still allowed. Thanks again. I just checked while not signed in and anonymous reviews still aren’t allowed on any of my stories.
  2. DoctorYnot

    Bug With Reviews

    I'm not really certain where this should go, but hopefully this subforum is okay! The thing is, I’m having an issue where I’ve tagged on my story options that I’d like to allow anonymous reviews. Some of them are a few years old and indeed have anon reviews, but relatively recently I received a very sweet review from a user. The issue was that he commented about how he’d registered an account just so he could leave it. After checking it out, it seems like my stories now require an account to leave a review. I checked the story options and anonymous reviews are still enabled. I’m not certain if this is a bug or simply a sitewide admin decision and the option to enable anonymous reviews just hasn’t been removed yet, but in the case it’s the second, well...I realize it’s very presumptuous of me, but I would really really like to implore the staff to allow anonymous reviews again! I feel like interaction between author and reader is already necessarily lesser on AFF and places like it compared to other more mainstream sites, and I just don’t think it’s wise to add another hurdle someone has to jump through on top of that simply so they can leave their thoughts on a story. A lot of reviews are left on a whim or a passing spasm of energy and forcing someone to register an account before they can do so really reduces the amount of readers that can be bothered. Now obviously I’m still extremely grateful that a site like AFF exists and I do prefer it over all others, heck, I’ve been visiting since the original purge from 2001. But this decision in particular just doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. I hope you guys receive my plea with the humility with which it is intended. I just want things to be the best they can.