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    Muhabba got a reaction from GeorgeGlass in What women (and men) want...in their fiction   
    If you look at the trends, rape fic, bdsm, and incest are pretty big right now. For examples I'll use 50 Shades of Grey, which is terriablly written but a best seller, Monster/Dinosaur erotica is pretty big for Amazon downloads, and the Mortal Instruments series of books which has the main love intrests as brother and sister through most of the first 3 books. Make of it what you will but those are the trends I've noticed lately in female fiction.
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    Muhabba got a reaction from JayDee in Please identify these anime series, thanks!   
    !) Sounds like Gantz, maybe. (it's been a while since I seen it)
    4) Sounds like Akira
    Well that's all I got. The rest sound familar but I'm really old. Good luck.
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    Muhabba got a reaction from Kurahieiritr in Enough is Enough!   
    I hooked my first troll with the first story I ever posted. My disclaimer was kinda general because I didn't think much of it since the site itself disclaimed that the contents were parody. So I posted my first story, Anita Blake, and my first ever review was someone ranting that I had stolen Anita Blake and he was gonna contact the Anita Blake author with a link to my story and yadda yadda yadda. It was very off putting for my first ever story but luckily the next poster was very helpful in explaining what the first poster was talking about, just because the site says my story is a parody I should still state it myself, and help me with some constructive critisisum. My spelling still sux to the point of confusing my Spelling Check but my grammer has gotten better at least. Because of that one, second commenter, I always review my reviews of the story of others so that no matter who bad their story looks I always try to stay constructive. By and by 'tho, my biggest pet peeve is the Wall Of Words, a story with no paragaph breaks.
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    Muhabba got a reaction from BronxWench in What's your writing process? Do you write without thought or not?   
    For me I've got to have a gimmick to hang the story on, such as my ...Meets the Fanboys or my Buffy vs. La Blue Girl. For my shorter stories I ususally just free write and then go back to edit them but for my longer ones I use the 5 part story arc, free write what I want to happen then edit it into a outline that I use to write the whole story. I post per chapter after I edit them (a trait I'm learning) and re-edit after getting some feedback. Also, I write long hand and then type before I edit so it takes me even longer that way cuz I write way faster than I type.
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    Muhabba got a reaction from BronxWench in A solution to the plagiarism problem   
    Oh no, I was meaning that I don't share any of the writer's writing without their permission, just the writer's name and the site where I found them. I've actually had one of my stories stolen and posted on another site but once I notified the Admin on the site with a link to the story they took it right down. Most Admin on the sites I visit are very tight when it comes to plagiarism. It's nice seeing the community looking out for it's original writings.
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    Muhabba got a reaction from Kurahieiritr in New? Introduce Yourself!   
    Howdy! I'm not sure if I have introduced myself yet so Ima doing it now. I'm Muhabba, I like to write stories, mostly celeb and have been reading stuff in the archive for a few years now I guess. I am currently writing 2 reeeeaaallllyyyyyyy long stories; Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs. La Blue Girl (cuz one day I was looking for a story like that and couldn't find one and it seemed that it was such a logical team up that I was amazed that nobody had written one yet) and Not The Whedonverse XXX (cuz I love all of Whedon's stuff and I like those "Not The ... XXX" parody movies and then I plotted a story out and I will probably die of old age before it's finished)
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