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  1. Bowser da King

    Jurato First Time/Fluff Request (Takato/Jeri)

    Sure, lemme know once it’s up.
  2. Bowser da King

    Ben 10 hypnotized lover Got the story finished, but I'm not sure if you'll enjoy it since this is my first actual fic attempting all this stuff. I mean, don't get me wrong, I tried my best, but I'm not sure if it was enough so please leave a review or something if you do enjoy it.
  3. Bowser da King

    Ben 10 hypnotized lover

    Just posting to let you know I'm still doing the request, it's just two problems I'm running into; Specifically how I want the fanfic to be in terms of what else I can add other than what you requested, and also the fact I'm suffering a bit of writer's block at the moment.
  4. Bowser da King

    Sexual Frustration Reviews/Dicussion

    Sorry if this is taking longer than expected. I've been suffering a bit of writer's block so it may be a while for the update, but I assure you what I have typed up so far for the next chapter is very hot, both in the sex and also a few Pokemon battles for the actual plot. Think "Raging Flame" if you will.
  5. Bowser da King

    Ben 10 hypnotized lover

    Hmmmmm... Any other specifics you want in the story? I find this an interesting idea, so I'm just curious if there's anything else you wanted in the story just so I knew what to do. Like, are the same ages they were at the time of that episode? Among other things like that so I know what to do.
  6. Bowser da King

    Sexual Frustration Reviews/Dicussion Well, here's my second, hopefully more successful attempt at a story for this site. However, I barely did anything in the first chapter other than what Angie was doing, because I'm uploading these chapters by .txt files, so the first chapter is short all because of the fact I was trying to figure out how exactly the coding necessary would work out. Anyways, unlike my failure that is Crimson Vengeance, I actually have a planned out storyline ahead of time for this one so I won't need to rely too much on improve, so hopefully, this one SHOULD be better than CV was. CV was a mess, I'll tell you that much for sure. As for things to expect, Ash and Angie won't actually have sex until the very end, or, at least not proper sex until the very end, because they're too unsure as to how to go about doing this. Other couples are Drew/May and Kenny/Dawn, though Brock, Paul, and Misty are still single. As part of the storyline there will be scenes with Paul/Dawn and Kenny/Misty, but I don't exactly want to give away too much as to why though. Also I didn't mention them in the top of the page, but Jessie, James, Meowth, Nurse Joy, and Officer Jenny will be present in the fic as well. Though when reviewing go easy on me please, because this is my first real attempt at typing up a fic exclusively for Next chapter will be updated today, and perhaps also the chapter after that, but I'm still trying to get used to the html coding so that may pose problems at times.
  7. Bowser da King

    Something I don't get

    Why is it that Pokemon is under the Anime category anyways? I mean, we all know how Pokemon really started after all, so why isn't Pokemon under the Games category instead? I mean, sure, there's more characters in the anime typically, but it always confused me as to how it's not under the Games category due to it's origins as a game rather than an anime. It's just something that confuses the heck out of me each time I browse through the site.
  8. Bowser da King

    New? Introduce Yourself!

    Hello everyone. This is Bowser da King here, my pen name on being Bowser_da_King. I'm autistic, hence why I believe my writing abilities are often hindered, or why I believe I'm sometimes younger than my actual age of 19. In terms of names though, just refer to me as either Bowser or by my two other nicknames; Grandis and/or Mighty, the latter I use on a majority of sites. Where it REALLY gets confusing though, is the fact I tend to change my username on sites I'm able to quite a lot, so I go by multiple different usernames throughout my stay at a forum. Personally, I'm a big fan of Pokemon, at least the mainseries games for the Nintendo Handhelds more so than the Anime and such. Don't get me wrong, the Anime was fine..... When I was younger, nowadays I just can't stand the anime at all unless they do something that isn't redundant for once. The games always keep my occupied though, as I plow through the National Dex in Generation V with little to no difficulty due to my vast resources in catching them all. Other than that, I don't frequent around that much, mainly because my first story I posted here was an absolute train wreck, but despite that it was oddly enough my most popular story on the censored version on Honestly, the only reason I posted the story again on was because things were getting too out of hand for in terms of the rating system. They REALLY need to add an MA-Rating, honestly. My typing isn't all that bad though, the problem is most times is the fact I improvise almost the entire storyline rather than plan ahead of time. This is what lead to my story being such a train wreck, that and the OCs involved in it didn't get pulled off properly. I've still got a lot to learn though, but I know my typing is one of my best skills I have available to me at the moment. I'm also an artist as well, preferring use of a Mouse to draw my various characters and creatures that I design. I also typically use Microsoft Paint, why? Because, well, I've learned how to use other programs before, but the problem is I can never do the features the same ease of use the way I can with MS Paint, even if it lacks most of the features all those other programs have. My line art is typically what people call my best aspect of my art, but the rest tends to be a mixed bag, but I still believe I'm one of the better people who can use MS Paint and use it well to an extant. My main issues typically tend to be proportions and shading, which I'm slowly beginning to work around with. As to who I typically am, my OCs vary between just being normal characters, to being god-like deities that specifically fall under the Trope called "Olympus Mons". My actual characters aren't as frequent as the creature or monster designs I create, because mainly most of my OCs are monstrous beasts because I can't draw humanoids very well, or, at least humans that is. I specialize in creating rather stylistic designs, whenever I have the chance that is, and my main recurring creature design is a Dragon deity called Dragora. Either way, who I am tends to vary quite a lot, it just depends on perspectives I suppose, as I can be called a mix of a little bit of everything, but personally I'm just the person I am and ain't nobody going to be changing that.
  9. Well, never expected to be making a simple request, but what can I say, this is a simple request and nothing more. Basically, what I'm requesting is for a simple first time fanfic with Takato and Jeri, but at the same time a bit of fluff here and there. If you need a basic plot or some excuse plot as they call it, perhaps basically Takato trying to comfort Jeri regarding Leomon and the D-Reaper incident even though it's been years ago since that all happened, since I can imagine she's pretty much scarred from both incidents. This is pretty much all I ask honestly, since I haven't seen many fanfics in which Takato is paired with Jeri, which while I have no grudge or hatred towards Takato/Rika, I personally feel jealous that this pairing gets more attention than Jurato does. It's a simple reaction to it, no? Either way, if you can do this request, I'd gladly appreciate it. Trust me, I will.
  10. Bowser da King

    Explain Your Avatar

    My avatar is based on my original character named Grandis. There are two design variants of Grandis, one that is referred to as Grandis MK II and has a more beast-like design, including a visible jaw on the helmet, while Grandis MK III, the one I'm using at my avatar, has no visible jaw present, and the design of it's eyes are entirely different by comparison. Grandis overall is a homage to the Pokemon Aggron, who Grandis used to look a bit more similar in design until I changed it when I realized Grandis looked a little too much like Aggron in it's older designs.
  11. Well, the starting member title is accurate, yet if I wasn't a virgin like I am it would be insulting in any case.