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  1. This idea revolves around the Maken-Ki story-line with Negi thrown into the mix instead of Takeru. So it starts with Negi being sent to Tenbi instead of Mahora Academy where he will be a teacher there to finish his Magi training. While there I say he should be about as strong as he was during the Chao Lingshen arc at the beginning. Everyone finds out he uses magic instead of Maken and eventually when pactio is introduced by Camo the women are led to believe the more intimate you are during the process the stronger the artifact you get. This leads to the girls and women teachers to ravage him to get a item that is unique to them and as strong or stronger than a Maken. I would like it if he roomed with Aki and Minori(aka: the busty nurse and teacher). The way I feel this story should go is Maken-ki with a bit of Negima sense thrown in for Negi mostly keeping to the way the characters are like, so no offense to Kengo but Negi should be the only male in the main bunch mind you there still should be men in the school. Also you don't have to add this but if you find it interesting, as Negi is making pactios he finds that the more sex he has the stronger he gets like Yamato Takeru(This is shown sorta only in the manga with some things I wish would have made way into the anime).
  2. Any of my ideas would be nice but here's a few: Enjoy
  3. Just wanted to say that I like the story, so far this is the best Adventure Time fanfic that I've read. Hope to see more from you, you are a great writer.
  4. First of all Takashi should be about 13 and the rest should be their usual age. Second this is a slight cross-over idea instead of having Kohta and Alice (mind you I like the characters) join. Replace Kohta with Housen Ryofu(make her the gun crazy character) from Ikkitousen cause she is just awesome and I think she would fit in just fine. Next Alice is replaced by Sayoko Bizen from the Slut Girl hentai manga cause her looks and personality just makes an impression. These two girls are two of my favorite sexy characters if you don't like them replace them with someone you like just no lolis or pettankos. As for an idea as to why Takashi is at the High School in the beginning my suggestion is sneaking over to have lunch with Rei and then proceed from there. Then the first sex scene should take place in Shizuka's freind's house and then at Saya's place. Needless to say after young Takashi takes charge and saves them the women want to tease him and eventually bed him. On a side note if you can twist a straight shota tale of either Ikkitousen or Slut Girl I would also appreciate that. If you like /SS/ (straight shota) then check out my other ideas they are all /SS/. For those of you who wonder why this post is in the Pokemon section its quite simple I didn't realize it was in this section when I posted it and I have no idea how to move it, if someone does know how I can move it to the anime section please let me know.
  5. I had this idea for a while then I found a story on called "Kid Keitaro" by rincewind1990(check it out) which helped develop the idea (mainly character personalities). First of all Keitaro needs to be about 13 yrs old just getting into girls and he has the same innocence and likability as in Kid Keitaro. Keep everyone the same age as in the manga except Shinobu, Sarah, and Su and make them the age they are in the end during Keitaro's wedding (so college bound age). Keitaro moves to Hinata So to go to a nicer prominent School and while he is there inherits Hinata So. The women each gradually bed Keitaro (take some ques from KK it was well written) I would like Haruka(his aunt) and Mitsune to get first dibs on him and eventually when his older sister Kanako comes to live with them gets in on it. Soon everyone warms up to him and his cuteness(truthfully I think he would look close to Negi from Negima just different hair) just keep to the characters personalities if you can. If you can integrate Motoko's sister Tsuruko feel free to also feel free to use any combinations of my ideas just no lolis please. If you like /SS/ (straight shota) then check out my other ideas they are all /SS/.
  6. The idea came from the scene where Kitsurubami gets a nose bleed from when Haruko pulls out Naota's bat(guitar) I always thought that the guitar was a metaphor for the size of his package so basically my idea is that during specific scenes throughout the series Haruko and Mamimi take advantage him. For example the scene under the bridge with Naota and Mamimi, the scene with Haruko in a towel on Naota's bed without his dad interupting, and I even have one idea for Kitsurubami have her run into Naota during the paintball fight and she wants to have a taste. If you like /SS/ (straight shota) then check out my other ideas they are all /SS/.
  7. If you ever seen Haruka Gracia's first meeting with Dan JD you'll wander why their isn't much content online with the two. I don't have a very developed idea for a story but I think a story with her trying to get him to agree to be his sponsor things turn raunchy and she gives him two very big gravity defying reasons to take her up on her offer. If you can try bringing Miyuki into the mix. If you like /SS/ (straight shota) then check out my other ideas they are all /SS/.
  8. The idea came from pictures made by Garabatoz's Gravity Falls pictures with Dipper x Wendy and Dipper x Tambry(check them out they are nice). The idea takes place after the haunted convenience store episode and Wendy tells Tambry what Dipper did to save them and talks about how cute he was and they think of a way to thank him for saving everyone. And they give him a thank you all three remember which leads to a neat 3-way relationship between them. How it all happens is up to you but please no Dipper x Mable or her friends please. If you like /SS/ (straight shota) then check out my other ideas they are all /SS/.
  9. I got the idea from a comic I saw with Jessica Rabbit and Sora but I did not like the ending with Roxas. Anyway the story should start when Sora first gets to Traverse Town and he happens across a alleyway where a couple of women are being attacked by a group of Heartless, where he jumps in and saves the women from the heartless. The women he saves should be Jessica Rabbit and Holly Would and the show him some appreciation in a nearby hotel. If you can think of any good straight shota pairings for Sora feel free to include them, but please no loli, futas, or pegging. I also want to note that Sora should be around 13 yrs old in the story and the women should take charge while they are having sex.
  10. The idea is that it these should be one shots that link together in order. To begin with flip Tristipein(Sadlygrove)'s gender mind you she should still like Evangelyne but likes Yugo also. There should be a scenes along the way developing a relationship between Yugo and the girls(Amalia, Evangelyne, Tristipein, and eventually Cleophee). During the episode the Black Raven when they get to Miranda's shop she shows interest in Yugo cause her husband has been neglecting her and makes a deal to give them the map for some time with him and by the end of it the married couple should make up like in the episode. Another special scene should develop after the Boufbowl game with Kriss la Krasse the cheerleaders take Yugo to a empty locker room and show him a good time. That is all I can think of other than needing development scenes for the main characters for season 1. First season 2 scene should be a scene reuniting Trisitein, with the others. One other scene should take place during the Voice Thief episode and have Yugo follow Shanon Stone to her room after her asking Yugo to come after the questioning, mind you can throw Tristipein in the mix if you want. The next scene should be introducing Evangelyne's sister Cleophee into the group in multiple ways. When they get the Crimson Claw Island and Yugo ditches his friends and gets on the Sufokia ship he falls in on the female crew changing room and gets taken for a ride by a few of them thinking he is cute. Next after he gets back to the Crimson Claws Island after his fight with Quilby where he runs into Frida Mofette and she is aroused(horny) after the fight she was in from the ShuShus and takes him for a ride while he is tired from his fight. After this he meets the Amalia and the rest and spends the night there and get intimate before leaving the next day. I want to note that Yugo starts out at 12 and the stories should remain straight shota, with a bit of yuri.
  11. Deals in the episode The Forward Time Machine but giving it a straight shota twist. The story should begin before Hubert, Fry, and Bender test the time machine out Cubert takes the time machine for a test run curious at what it does, this leads to him going through the same times that were shown in the episode but he stops at the year 50,000,000 and is enticed to stay for the Fertility Banquet by the women of this time where he loses his virginity in a orgy leading to him staying a few days for nonstop sex. Then he gets sent back to his time by them to before Fry, Hubert, and Bender test it out. Note that Cubert will be 13 so no changes to him his features, and the women should be taking charge. I would also appreciate it if you don't add loli or pegging in the story please.
  12. This is a straight shota idea that involves a mix of the Archie and Sonic X series and I thought of this from looking at the Kemono Canned hentai manga. Tails needs to be about 12 and the girls included are Rouge, Vanilla, and Nicole so no cream or any other loli like characters in the lemon scenes as for the idea in how he gets with them my look at it is that Rouge and Vanilla talk about his past relationships one being Fiona which ends in betrayal and such, then the one with Cosmo which ends with loosing her permenatly so they think since his past relationships dealt with younger women maybe a more mature touch is what he needs and they sure give it to him the first of which they invite him over to Vanilla's then the two would seduce him. Try doing it in a way that feels like that manga (or just whatever works for you). Then as the three are getting intimate since the house is made of nanites Nicole is checking this out and later corners Tails, in which soon after their fling Rouge walks in on them informing them she knew Nicole was checking them out earlier. Then you can let your imagination carry on from there. Additionally you can bring Sally into the group also her reasoning being Sonic actually going for Amy unless you add Sonic but only if you change his gender and display her as a older sister figure who he eventually becomes intimate with(this will involve a bit of story tweaking though). You can add Rosemary Prower(Tail's mother) if you want her reasoning she is being neglected by his father. As a side note no pegging or pregnancies please. Mind that I would like a story or even one shots with Tails with these women cause their are not many of these around.
  13. Same as my other ideas make the main character a kid about 12 to 14 and make it to where he sounds as though you can make him out as strong as goku from the dragon ball series(not z or gt) just make him smarter and a bit more mature or more or less like he is in the game. The story can progress as normal and as for his teammates make them Milana, Latex, and Iliona. Lastly as for the sex scenes with the hero and the royalty you can change them up if you want to though I wouldn't mind Farah being more into him (since she likes to be motherly) and takes his virginity. Like any other idea I have keep the characters personalitys the same as they should. I would also like to add my other ideas are also straight shota so check them out if you like this or if your curiousity gets the better of you and you think you can make a story out of one my ideas.
  14. This story includes Negi and the following girls to molest him, Asuna, Ayaka, Chisame, Mana, Adult Eva, Kaeda, Chachamaru, Kasumi, Akira, Shizuna(the teacher), Nekane (the cousin),and Theodora(the princess). Basically any girl with a mature figure and the debauchery should start when Negi drinks the love potion and the first person to corner him should be Shizuna while at first he thinks he is safe around her. Make it so Negi and Asuna have a more special bond like in the series then introduce the girls sexually to Negi in key moments for example I like the idea of Kaede and Mana getting him when he drops in on Kaede when she is in the mountains (Mana decides to go with her). As for Eva I suggest when she tries to drink his blood she actually gets a hold of him but decides to play with him first in a intamite way. I want to leave Konoka and Setsuna alone as a pair, and you can pair Nadoka and Yue as a pair if wanted. You can introduce other women as long as they have bountiful assets (Breasts) and are not lolis that includes Eva in which I would actually rather she stay in her adult form. As for the sex itself I like it when the women are in charge but no pegging and keep it mostly vanilla and keep the characters ages as they are in the series so Negi is 10 and the girls are 15, 16, and so on. So if anyone feels up to it would love to read a story like this.
  15. Initially my idea was mostly Aang with mostly Katara and Toph you just don't see many of these. One of few ideas I have is that instead of having Sokka (even though I actually do like his character) replace him with Korra since she is sorta like him (except not as ecentric) so she becomes the older sister of Katara and yes they are both water benders and still not well trained ones in the beginning. Next have Katara and Toph be about Korra age (Love the way Toph looked in LOK) and keep Aang at his usual age and add tons of sexual encounters with the team in key places in their story. This is still mostly a straight shota story so and is still the youngest person in the group. Also if you can swing it instead of having Hakoda(Katara and Soka's dad) alive exchange him for Kya(Their mother) and have him be the one that died instead and introduce her to the fun.