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About Me

I'm a single Mom of an ADHD 17 yr old.

I work full time as a laboratory technologist in the chemistry department of a major hospital lab. You know, blood and urine testing for electrolytes and enzymes, blah, blah, blah. Actually, it is well-suited for me and I'm very happy in my job. OMG. How rare is that? I get to use my brain regularly, and am usually worn out by the end of the day.

My home life has suffered due to putting all my effort into work and being burnt out afterward. My home is often a mess, my son doesn't get much attention, hence the attention deficit. Hah. I have an obsessive type personality, so when I discover something I like, I get addicted. Edit: At the time I wrote this, I was somewhat depressed and my obsessiveness was more pronounced. I'm able to be more moderate when my emotions are stable.

My addiction was AFF in 2013. :Eye: Since then, I took 5 years off, not intentionally, to wallow and then improve. I’m still struggling to keep balance in my life but thought I’d pop back here for a bit. 

The stories I read and write are Bleach-centric. It's my son's fault. It started with Naruto, but there's something about those sexy Bleach characters that keeps my focus on them. I was alerted to Fanfic by a coworker who's into Anime (she was 22, and a geek like me) and I originally went to FF.net but one author mentioned their story was on AFF and so I googled and have been here ever since. Why? I'm a 50-something single Mom. Get it? Do I have to spell it out? Okay … was peri-menopausal, now menopausal with symptoms of increased libido and no outlet. Now, do you get it? Unfortunately, the former reason is no more but the latter reason still exists. :(

Oh, I have 2 black cats. Brothers born about 1/2 year before my son. Both are gone, now.
One was long and tall with a waggy bag of skin hanging from his belly. His tail was long and whipped back and forth like a dog's. He hung out with me all the time, but refused to sit on me. He got really lovey dovey when he was hungry, so I made him starve a little to feed my need to cuddle with him. He was so silky soft and squishy!
The other was short, both height and length-wise. He was a compact, tightly wound, sproingy type. Even his tail was like a spring. He must have had the umbilicus wrapped around it in the womb, because it had about 8 different bends in it and it was hilarious to see him wag it. He had that "scream painting" face. Big, round eyes with narrow cheekbones and very skittish. He was not that into me except for food, but since his brother died first, he became very attentive. His fur was soft, but in a cotton ball way, not sleek like the first one.

That's me. Take it or leave it. Edit: Obviously, that's not the entirety of me. How can a person truly reveal themselves to strangers? I'm not generally very open, so I'd take some of this with a grain of salt.

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