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  1. So, the big two oh, eh? Don't let any Vampires bite your neck, k? twenty spanks ought to do in lieu of.
  2. I never thought of it for a fan-fic. But...In all the original work I AM every character. I take on their roles. I play them. i wonder what they did when they were kids, and what kind of players they were, and what deep dark secrets are motivating them, and what part of their character they gave up for ambition, and what part they redeemed. Who is a bad guy or a good guy is never very plain in my stories. As time goes on, the blurriness between good and evil becomes more pronounced. After all, a child is evil incarnate in one of my stories. Man that was living writing on the edge. I think about that scene in my mind every now and then, how the blades slide together, criss-crossing at the back of his neck, yet he manages to turn...ah, the power of all magic encapsulated within one. That was a dramatic moment. Then there was Andrew. Boy, did I have fun with him. But I digress. Truth be told, before the Orgy thread began, I was beginning to wonder how to go about getting everyone's permission to be inserted into a story I was contemplating. Came up in a thread a while back when I suggested we all get together in RL in someone's basement and have a party, but Red said: "And find out we're all middle-aged business men." Some ideas are like rampant terriers.
  3. Happy B-day, you Snape/Hermione fan (the bestest pairing in the whole entire world!!!!) Remember this well, friend.
  4. I think as an exercise in writing, that is exactly what one must do: journalize a fragment of your life. Bring it to life. Put it under the microscope and present it in an objectified way that you know is almost so painfully subjective that you have to throw in something that connects you to your reader. Like: "Okay, that was too much information, wasn't it?" Yet make it interesting I was so pumped up when I wrote my little piece, because its like a performance. Ever perform? Like, on stage, or a presentation? Man. You have no idea what practice means until then. One of the ways I was able to present my life was to have written a part of it from 20 years gone by, from a perspective of it being a memory. That way...well...lets say life wears down your "embarrassment" chip. The reviews for that work are the ones that are the most heart-pounding.
  5. I think it's more subtle than that though. I think a flame can be defined according to the receiver's reaction. For instance, the review that inflamed me did not directly insult me, but it did put up my hackles and cause me to react in similar vein. Inflammatory remarks intend to cause friction, and some authors invite that by the throwing down of the gauntlet (don't read this if you don't like such and such) Sometimes saying "don't" starts things that maybe wouldn't have started. To me, insults are already open warfare. Meh, maybe I'm wong.
  6. StoryJunkie


    very first story I posted, I got this. the one and only flame, defined by the same person in the next review. It actually pointed out a major flaw in my story, but the entire story was based on it. I think it might have been my opening line: So I think I invited it. XP My reply to the flame: which is SUCH a blatant lie...
  7. So then, the statistics for submission are send to eighteen, one will comment. Sounds about right. Maybe I ought to send a bunch of crap in just to see what would happen. Oh darn, how many Canadian publishers are there? Two? And in Toronto no doubt.
  8. StoryJunkie


    so THAT'S what a troll looks like. Can't believe he's out in the sun like that. Won't that turn him to stone or something?
  9. Ah, so my brain had it right. Sheesh, I'm so weird lately. Maybe I've got a brain tumor.
  10. "I'm really an old woman and I'm straight."
  11. Ah, thank you ectrae. Good to know I could rely upon you when my own brain cells have failed. Galaxy Quest. I've only seen it like five or six times. That tall chick from "Alien" is in it too. Sigourney Weaver. That's her name. (whew! nearly had to look that one up) And Leonhart, you will definitely enjoy it. and it's not the purple tentacles you have to watch out for. Its the miners. (or is that minors?) edit: I meant purple hair and huge ass snakes. (See, my brain melds things together. Did you see that?)
  12. Reminds me of that movie that comedian (Tim someone or other) made spoofing the return of ...oh darn, what the heck was it called? Anyway, the person without a last name was the expendable one. I think his name was "Guy" In the end, he actually did get a last name... Tim Allen.
  13. Happy Birthday, FFVII freak. Hope you have a fun day. Cheers.
  14. Divine revelation. (In those quiet moments)
  15. Because they were all raging alcoholics. Why?
  16. You've got me. If they were vertebrates, I suppose you would have it correct. Weren't they once made of sheepskin?
  17. Me neither. I content myself with the movies. I have never bought a condom
  18. the nailing of the Dinsdale brothers' heads to the floor. (they were a cheery lot. Cheery, and violent) There wouldn't be anything better than______________
  19. n/g I couldn't stand it from my evil older brothers (I'm SO proud of them now though!), so I doted on my younger siblings. guilty or not guilty: prefers being tortured that being the torturer.
  20. the fan in the corner of my room. mezmerizing, really
  21. 8494 That was fun. So we're at the 8000 mark, are we?
  22. ^ obvious metal head, heavy drug user and worshiper of the Grateful Dead < never listens to the lyrics. V has to go to "Lyrics.com" to understand metal lyrics.
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