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  1. How the heck did I miss this? I will refrain from taking your soul....for now.
  2. I was compensated by the cacophonic sound of a hundred robins. I've never wandered off into the bush by myself
  3. Birdsong...outside my window...Mother Nature.
  4. my lips are too lazy. I've often wondered about___________
  5. StoryJunkie

    I Am...

    I am informing you there is this wave, you know...It occurs mostly around 2 pm. I am calling it "The Sleep Wave". And I am aware that everyone in the office yawns around then. I am sure it is related to Mexican siestas or childhood afternoon naps, or Bill Gates doing something screwy again.
  6. IT's my keyboard, and lazy Peter Pointer....its a disease all my family suffers from. How DARE you make fun of it? REd (crap! it happend again!)
  7. StoryJunkie

    I Am...

    Am also I doing came out kinda weird.
  8. gotcha! (It's my day off....I'm really doing laundry right now, so....) REd?
  9. Only blushing souls are allowed here, duh!
  10. Only if I forgot to floss. Why does flossing help? (Pain in the butt...mutter muttermutter...)
  11. Verily So...still here? I'm thinking of Jubei Chan....must watch download..... Daz?
  12. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That exceptionally long laugh too my breath away. I wonder where such breaths go?
  13. be your ass! I"ll be the one who_____________
  14. IF mad don't get here first, I'll bring my own. What if they decide to go on strike?
  15. what a surprise! How well your psychic abilities are working tonight! Must be that "new mother" thing at work. Da..zzz...?
  16. A plethora How bout the old hang em by their thumbs from the overhead spatula rack for not wearing a hair net?