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    Drarry looking for story

    This sounds eerily familiar. I'm pretty sure it's on AFF somewhere. I'll have a search through and see if I can find it.
  2. I'm really regretting my choice of display/username. Oh the benefit of four years.

    1. BronxWench


      You can edit it on the archive yourself, but you'll need to ask either Melrick or DemonGoddess061 to change it on the forum. Drop either of them a PM and give them the details. :)

    2. Joshuk92


      Thank you, I'll poke one of them shortly! (Sorry for not replying sooner, life has been hectic.)

  3. Both stories by TheDarknessWithinYou. The reviews of the first one "Shared Toy"(link is to the reviews, not the story) are fairly self-explanatory of what they contain. Absolutely sickening. I'm going to get a cup of strong tea and try to forget that horrific thing. ugh.