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    Can't log in

    I changed my email to gmail to get the password reset link and then tried to change back to hotmail but the reactivation link wasn’t valid. That said I’m able to log in now using my hotmail address now so everything seems sorted, thanks for the help
  2. Saiga123

    Can't log in

    So I was trying to reset my password but because I am using a hotmail address it was giving me the ‘This Password Reset is no longer Valid’ message when I followed the link. I looked on the forums about it and saw if I used a gmail account I could change my password and then change the email back to my hotmail account. I did this but when I followed the link to reactivate my hotmail the message I got was ‘This Activation is no longer Valid’ and now I can’t log back in using either email addresses. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.