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  1. *shakes head* These writers apparently have NO idea just how much time and work goes into a concrit review. I have spent over an hour on some of my concrit reviews, it depends on the number of errors and how long the chapter is. I try to make them as professional as I can because the purpose of these reviews is to help the author improve their writing skills. Nobody is going to spend that kind of time on someone who can't appreciate it. You get one solid review and cry FLAME? The writer should be sending the reviewer flowers for taking the time to read their story and for writing a review meant to help them grow in the craft! If all a writer wants is fluffy reviews, they should put an author's note at the start of the story saying: Praiseful reviews only.
  2. I don't have a mind.

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      mine went on hiatus so many years ago, it'll never find me..

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      You have a spork. Who needs a mind? :D

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      I have one! I keep it in a pretty jar on my shelf... it's a bit dusty now.

  3. I just want to thank all of you, you know who you are, for your wonderfully encouraging and loving words. You guys really ROCK! There is no way I can not carry through with you guys supporting me! Thank you so much, you lovely people. I am lucky to have you for friends! Love you all, Rowdy
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