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    Rainy Ol' England
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    Pen name- Vixen71 on AFF.net<br /><br />I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and have been working on my current Dramione fic (Serpent tongue's and Lion's tails) for a couple of years now. <br />I was an art student studying at university but due to medical reasons (that also slow down my fanfic writing progress) I have had to quit and come home to under take medical procedures. So please bare with me.<br />I am a HUGE art fan. I have done a few pieces of Dramione fanart in the past so if anyone is interested in that, or my other story work please email me and I shall link you to my Deviantart Gallery. <br /><br />I am shy about my work and aware that it is not everyone's cup of tea but this is a huge escape for me when things are tough so please, if you don't like it don't flame me for it? <br /><br />My fave pairings are Dramione and Snape/Hermione.

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  1. http://hp.adultfanfi...6496&chapter=20 Hey, please let me know, if you have a chance to read my fic, what you think of it! >_< xxxx
  2. Hunted Scabior/Hermione chapter 20 updated! http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600026496&chapter=20 >_< x

    1. Rain7777


      Please let me know what you think?

  3. Serpent's Tongues and Lion's Tails updatedhttp://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600011882

  4. Off to London Hospital for two weeks on Monday :( booO!

  5. Chapter two of my new Scabior/Mione fic is up http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600026496 but for now, off to sleep i go :) xxx

  6. Started a new Hermione/Scabior fic... hope someone takes an interest :S http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600026496

  7. :D YAY! My fanfic got posted as fic of the day over at http://twitter.com/#!/DramioneTeam WOOP! WOOP! http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600011882
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    2. Shadowknight12
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    4. Rain7777


      :D thanks guys!!! :D

      @Marley_Station the Dramione Team did, dunno if it was a one off as they usually do manips but I'm not gona complain! :D

      Thank you so much everyone! What a great show of support!!! :D

  8. Come on Potter fans! 3 More Scabior/Hermione fics and we can request a section for them! ... That is all :S

  9. Updated, but lost notes for chapter 72! :( DO NOT WANT! x

  10. Thank you DemonGoddess061 for getting the next chapter of my fanfic up. :) Thank you!!! >_<

    1. DemonGoddess


      Glad I was able to assist!

  11. This is all I got. But again it's the 5 cock rings and it included the kilt and leaf blower You are the boss. I bow to you Bronx Wench! On the twelfth day of Christmas, My true love gave to me, Twelve blondes a bonking, Eleven kilts a blowing, Ten readers wanking, Nine handcuffed slaves, Eight maids a screwing, Seven whips a failing, Six guys a stripping, Five cock rings! Four naked ladies, Three sexy men, Two plump breasts, And one hell-of-an amazing shag!
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