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    Harry and Hagrid I think

    I'm pretty sure was on, but I could be wrong. In the fic, which was Hagrid/Harry of all things, giants are actually smarter and have magic that lets them shift size, and Harry finds out, but something in giant "bodily fluids" prevents him from telling anybody. I think that that this sound like a worth while read and I was wondering if any of you knew it
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    This is the one thanks
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    The story is darker it starts out with yakko wakko and dot living in an abusive home. yakko shows his siblings old movies and takes them to the library. they wind up running a way from home and pick pocketing people to get money. while hidding on at universal studios a casting directer sees them and calls them up to do a skit. after they do a skit from one of the old movies they wind up getting a show I think. you you know please give me the link
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    Searching for crossover fic

    Hey I was interested in reading this fic but the link gives me an error every time can you post a link to the author
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    Looking for 2 stories m/m

    Hey I'm looking for two seprate stories. I think that they're both on Aff and I know that there both m/m. The first is a story about a slave that worked in a tavern and found an egg that hatched into a baby naga. The tavern owner sold the slave to a group of human preists traveling to an abandond naga temple.The slave pretended to be sickly and crippled so that the guards traveling with the group wouldn't rape him. One of the people traveling with the preists was a naga human half-breed that liked the baby naga and helped the slave get extra food and hide that he was healthy and inteligent. When they get inside the temp the half-breed figures out that the temple isn't abandond and that the naga went into a magical hybernation so that when the humans broke into the main room all the naga would awaken and kill the humans. The second story is a bunch of stories in one and all the characters are anthropomorphic. It's like there's only a vague connection between the characters. I think that it goes there's a fox that lets a dragon out of a seil it was trapped in and then the dragon tricks the fox into wearing a collar that makes him the dragons pet but the dragon is not mean or abusive. Then there is a wolf and he has a crush on his room mate, who I think was a panther, but the room mate keeps rejecting the wolf. so one nite the wolf broken hearted goes to the park and is kidnapped by another dragon who is friends with the first, but it wasn't a strong connection it was just like they menchened knowing each other and even when the dragons brought the fox and the wolf together to socialize it felt more like filler till the next story was ready. I think that there was another couple the wolfs room mate and another person but I can't remimber very much about this one. I think that this story really long but I can't remimber if it was chapters or words per chapter well there you go and if any one knows these and has other stories to recomend that are the same type or even that are totally different but worth reading go a head and tell me. oh and if anyone has any good naga stories i've kind of been hankering for some ever sense I read the black swan story. If you don't know what that one is just ask and I'll post the link here.