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User with multiple profiles and looking for lost stories

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I came across this post in the searching for a story forum: 

User says they are looking for their own stories, and when I checked the archive, I found four different profiles with that user name, linked below, in order of age:  since 2007  since 2011   since 2020  since 2021

Only the older two profiles have stories attached to them. And the link provided in the oldest profile to the Pit only yields a Username, with no stories attached to it, and last updated in 2014. 

I have left instructions to check on this post, and provide Bronxie with information on which profile to keep. Let’s hope the user does as instructed. 


Willow Darkling. 

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Guest JennyPenny

The first two links that still contain stories (one from 2007 and 2011 are both my accounts, but the only one I can log into is the one from 2011). The other two links are NOT mine. The reason I have two is that I switched ISPs and lost the email account associated with the first account from 2007. I actually spoke to the moderator at AFF back in 2011 before I made the second account. I told her what happened, so she knew I made the second account but left the account up because it contained a lot of my old stories. You can delete the 2007 account if you want, but it is the ONLY place on the net where my Broomsticks series stories are posted and they are pretty popular stories. I think I have all of my stories from the 2007 account, but, I am not sure so I want to double check. I do plan to put all my stories in one place either AO3 or AFF, but as of right now they are not anywhere else.  I couldn’t remember pass to the 2007 one nor could I change pass because email address no longer existed after I switched ISPs,  so I made another account back in 2011. I deleted my stories from FFNet and several as well from AFF. I was able to recover my stories from JenniePenny at FFnet from wayback machine, but the ones from AFF are missing. Pennames used, JennyPenny, JABFantasy, JenniePenny.

Maiden of the Manor

The Master and the Mudblood

The Wandless Warlock

The Third Wheel

Tears of the Nile

Missing stories. Trying to find help on recovering these stories either by archive or wayback machine.


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I can merge your two accounts, with the newer (2011) account as the surviving account. That way, all of your stories will be in one place.

As far as the stories that were removed from AFF, we don’t maintain backups of the archive, so we would be unable to retrieve any of those stories once they were deleted. I can’t comment as to the Wayback Machine. They do have stories from AFF in their collection of scraped fiction, but it’s not comprehensive. However, as our Forum Moderator, WillowDarkling has said, we will permit readers who might have saved a copy of the stories to let you know and hopefully upload those to you.

Update: The accounts have been merged, and all stories are now here:  The older account has been removed.

Edited by BronxWench

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