Son of Female Raikage and Minato, OC Harem Incest fanfic

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All that Raikage cucks and all that why not reverse.


The Raikage had seduced Minato away from Kushina, they had a Affair that brought their son Allemis (You can change name).


There has always been power as the center of the Ninja World, Shinobi who have been running it on their own in their time. Allemis, who was born with it, has become a new power center too the World after fighting Hanzo.

He is born to two Kages, a lineage which grants him a nearly invulnerable body and immense stamina and strength. He has immense control over the lightning release to the point he can choose which nerves to affect with it and could learn the hiraishin reason Ay seduced the Hokage in the first place.



This is his journey through the Shinobi World, trying to be it's new hidden king.


Idea what can be used in it:

The Raikage Ay had one idea how she would pleasure her son.

That was him reducing all her Kunoichis of the village into his collection of sluts and cumdumps.


Things I would like to see:

Maledom, Mind-break, Adultery, Cuckolding, Petplay with Inuzuka females, Watersports (such as the OC using the girls' mouth to as a toilet though only piss not poop), Slutty kunoichi, Cock-worship, Dirty Talk, Light BDSM, Submissive Kinky Kunoichi, Femdom Raikage to the her Son’s Harem, Anal, Oral, Doggy-style, etc


Things I don’t want:

Guro, Vore. Torture


Allemis Blond one, Green Haired one the Best friend Aruna 




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