Kagome/? La petite mort

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Not sure if I read it here but as far as I can remember, the plot was pretty generic.

Kagome has to make a baby (possibly an heir?) with a new husband. It was difficult at first but they grow to understand each other. They make love for the first tine in what I believe is their honeymoon? It was some luxurious vacation, and something the fic was building up to and they characters looked forward too. I don’t remember if she is a virgin or not or even if that was their first time having sex but it was in a cabana like bedroom in a hot climate. Possibly Hawaii, maybe a beach house? I think she was wearing a sundress and a Jean jacket?

Anyway, when she orgasms she passes out and her partner tells her the French call it “la petite mort”-the little death when she awakes and comes back around a few minutes later. They end up finding out their pregnant when they come back from vacation a few weeks later. That’s all I can remember right now. Most likely a Sess/Kag story but it could have been Mir/Kag or Inu/Kag. It could have even been YYH characters crossover, though I highly doubt it. 

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