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Conqueror's paradise.

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2 hours ago, fantasyking9000 said:

Short Version I would like to promote this story because it relies heavily on reader interaction. As such please be sure to read review and vote either via the reviews on this site or via private messaging.

Conqueror's paradise introduction chapter.odt

Just a small point of order… We don’t allow polls in the archive itself, or on review boards. You can start a thread here on the forums for polls and reader interaction. You might also want to include a link to the archive posting, rather than to your .odt file once you’ve reposted it to the correct subdomain, Anime. 

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Author: fantasyking9000

Title: Conqueror’s paradise

Summary: When a young dragon lord claims a new planet with the help of a magical device he knows that the real fun is only getting started as he will tame several girls from different universes as his own.

Feedback: Polls and review replies here:

Fandom: Anime AU Crossover
Warnings: 3Plus Anthro BDSM Beast Bond CR Dom Exhib Humil Ms OC Preg Rape Slave Toys WIP Xeno

Solo story or chaptered story:  Chaptered

Adding Chapters allowed: Yes


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