Danny's harem

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This is a like a reboot of the series

It's starts with Danny's parents showing him their new invention the Fenton ghost portal after not working they leave but before Jack could fully leave he tells Danny to clean the lab Danny dropped something and it rolled into the portal as Danny was getting it he accidentally hit the on button and came out with his ghost powers

Danny just barely turned human again when Jack came in Jack believe the portal just needed time to activate and let Danny leave with out having to clean the lab Danny was rushing to the bathroom to wash his face (the porter hold portal got some ectoplasm on his face Jack told him to clean off) as he was reaching for the door handle he phased through it

The next thing he knew was he was staring at his mom's naked body he quickly apologized then noticed that she was doing the same thing he was he looks down and realizes he was in her body Danny being a teenage guy could've helped himself he started playing with her body he then went to his room to masturbate to not only seeing a naked woman but because he touched breast and a pussy for the first time before he could his door opened revealing his naked mom she locked his door and fucked him after they finish she said she can't believe she did that said it can't happen again

Danny quickly learns that if he overshadows someone and leaves them with lust on his mind they will start looking for him and want to have sex with him how they act afterwards depends on the person when he does it to Maddie and Jazz they act ashamed and says it can't happen again when he does it to Sam she was curious when the next time they can do it again when he did it to Paulina or the other girls they act disgusted the more times Danny overshadows someone for sex it slowly changes them until their like Sam and wants Danny to fuck them

Women in Danny's harem are







Dani (she is aged up to Danny's age and she was not overshadowed by Danny and she ended up staying with the Fentons after she and Danny stop Vlad's cloning plan and then fixed her)




You can add anyone else you want

Any ghosts that join Danny's harem are not overshadowed by him but joins after he defeated them 

You choice if Danny tells Tucker and Sam about his powers

Vlad learns of Danny using his ghost powers to have sex with women (but not of the fact that he's also doing Maddie) Vlad tried it on her but she slapped him he then tried splitting into two his copy went in her as the real Vlad tried again she kicked him in his balls due to Danny doing it to her so much she developed a kind of immunity to any other ghost oversharing her besides Danny and eventually Dani


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8 hours ago, Strange_idea said:

How would he overshadow the ghosts, and wouldn't thr immunity be TO him due to exposure? Maybe she just creates an anti ghost device but unwittingoy shows danny a weakness.

I didn't notice that I forgotten to mention that he didn't overshadows the ghosts I'll fix it thanks for letting me I forgotten to put it in

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