One piece the harem

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Take place after Luffy beats the Arlong Pirates Nami wanted to thank Luffy but had nothing he'd want so she decided to awaken this sexual desires and have sex with him because what better than a girls virginity and she planned on charging him for any other times he wants her (even though she never does)

During Luffy's Journey he gets a harem that has 


 Vivi she was sad to leave him but will occasionally go out to sea "official business" just to see him


Perona when she joined his harem she joined his crew


Almost all of Amazon Lily

Your choice of anyone else who joins his harem

Almost all who joins his harem joins his crew the only ones that don't join the crew are Vivi, Hancock and Amazon Lily but if you want one or two from Amazon Lily can join his crew

Your choice if the other guys learn of his harem 

The girls of Luffy's harem only have sex with Luffy

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1 minute ago, Strange_idea said:

May I suggest some girls? 

Also, try to keep a coherent crew structure, it'll aid in storytelling and let you get away with a bigger group. 

Sure if you want to

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