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Strange Idea's halloween prompts and challenges

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Hey there!


so a friend asked me for some ideas for the halloween challenge, and while he obviously didn’t use them all, i liked the ideas too much to let them go to waste, so if anyone wants to use them then here they are! feel free!



First idea, and this is a bit of a twist and turn one so it might get weird, a young man, (probably cusp of colledge age), is going on a camping trip with a bunch of girls he knows  and is close with from town.

Maybe it's a luck of the draw thing, or maybe he's known to be completely whipped by his best friend and volunteered to set it up. Thing is though, they're not together. And she's never shown any problems with him looking at other girls or other girls hitting on him, so he's concludes she's not interested.

However, he's going to colledge soon so he's runni g out of time, and halloween is their favourite night of the year and the day they first met so he's decided to ask her out tonight and shares this with his female friends for advice. But they get nervous and seem worried. They tell him that theres this old legend the woods and campgrounds are cursed, and if you wish for something on halloween they will hear you, and give it to you in the most twisted way possible, laughing at you all the while.


That night, as they prepare to go to sleep, his girl and another friend go off to get firewood, right as he was about to ask her. He's psyching himself up to do it when she gets back, but suddenly his girl screams. they find the body of one of the othher friends with a machette in it and his girl missing..... and it stands up, lurching for him and syaing his name.

They flee and hide, but one by one the girls are changed into classic monsters in a variety of ways, with the monsters all huning them down slasher style, and all fixating on him oddly enough. As the dwindling party manages to dodge or fight off the monsters, the young man notice mysterious hooded figures watching them, and occasionally giving little signs that might be hints or traps. The girls seem terrified of them and always say they shouldn't head for them.


Eventually, they make it to the edge of the forest.... and the girls suddenly hold him down, with zombie girl even appearing to help them. Then they reveal the truth, the transormations are staged, they are and always have been monsters. And they all wanted to claim him/be his girl, so they devised this game to see who would be the lucky girl, and now he's gotten too close to getting away.

His best friend suddenly appears oit of nowhere, and ignoring his warning to run she tells him how proud she is of him and that she knew he could escape.... and that means he's hers forever now, droppinng her disguise. She kisses him as a monster, then goes.... further, which means she's won, and keeps making out with him when the others show up and bemoan losing. Bestie says of course she's going to share, she juat had to make it clear who was girl number one and that noone gets a taste of him without her say so. The last 'survivors' reveal she bribed them with dibs on first turn.... except zombie who just ships them super hard.


The cloaked figures are revealed the monster girls mothers (who might have tried to nudge things for their daughters), also monsters with MUCH fuller figures, who congradulate them all on a well played game, tease the boy about what he has to look forwards too as the girls grow and drop subtle threats about what would have happened should he have hurt their daughters or broke their hearts by escaping or calling them freaks (etc).

The last step is to turn him into something like the winner, so they really will be forever.

The next day, young man and friend are walking town as a couple, and other youths are bemoning that the girls never accept a date. Two of the girls then ask if youth and bestie would be interestes in a..... movie night. Just the four of them.

The mothers watch from afar and note that he's boyfriend material, but one day they'll want a husband. They decide he'll need a new test then, and should he fail...…


Alternativly, it ends the next day where no-one has seen the young man, but his girl is inviting a few of ber friends over for a provate party.


The game basically works like zombie tag or related games, starting with one girl (zombie, who willing chose to go first knowing she was basically giving up her chance to win), each girl can only lay claim in her monster girl form but csn only 'save' him or sabotage other girls as a human. thus more and more are hunting him as the game goes on.

To change they need to enact a transformation scene (so he doesn't realise their all out for the same thing), and theres soms kind of bonus for a better acted scene, like swducing him with an erotic one or just getting to act out a dramatic one. Mummy girl, i think, would try to bandage him up completely (turning him into a mummy like her) then pretend that the banadges are cursed and have them change her. Each scene also acts as a sort of crush confession where they reveal where they fell for him. This actually works in their favour, as due to their improvised story about the curse he thinks it's his wish for a girlfriend gone wrong. Until the truth is revealed, this seems to be played for horror, as each girl who confesses is 'doomed' to transform.

The girls will sabotage long-term solutions that would end the game like cutting phonelines or losing gas for the car, but are fine to save him in the here and now if it only prolongs things and allows themselves and other more chances. This at first seems like panicing and accidents typical of a horror movie and little redeeming moments of competence. The winner gets to turn him and decide on his availability to the rest.


He's attracted to all the girls, but his main love is his best friend, who has seen him be interested in all these girls and them all interested in him, as well as a few he missed signals from.

They all held off temporarily because she'd made claim (monster could tell, humans couldn't) but they all challenged her at various points for him so she organised this to get it all over with at once and get a satisfactory end result (she likes the harem idea, being a bit of a voyeur, dominant and bisexual).

The reason they were so nervous about him asking her out was they would loose their chance. And the reason she was never worried about his straying eyes is because she new if she just waited and trusted him they would be together.

Zombie girl is a big supporter of them, even if she wouldn't mind being his girl she respects their love more. At least one pair (vampire and werewolf) have pretended to be lesbians to stave off boys until they make their claim..... although they've come to like being a couple anyway (had to get them of our backs somehow/don't act like you didn't like it), they just want him too. During the chase he tricks them into pouncing on one another and they get 'distracted'.…

he goes over the girls personalities and how he knows/is attracted to them briefly in a quick introduction in the opening and while lamenting losing them during the hunt. They are further fleshed out in the confession scene. They chose tonight because he was going to go to colledge, so this was their last chance to try and their last chance to get him to stay.

Depending on your prefences, you can play up or tone down the menacing implied threats. This could be an erotic horror or an erotic horror turns romance with mild horror tones.


So.... yeah. Amd erotic thriller suspeense that's actually a bit or a harem romantic comedy.

There's one more thing that i'm iffy about in this, but what do you think of it first



An anthology where a young witch goes around reverse trick or treating, giving candy to people who've slighted her and cursing them with it.


If erotic, it'd be a humiliating change or scenario, such as being forced to act like a seductiv versiom of yoir costume, a trio of bratty girls being forced to give 'apologies' to one of their victims etc. If not erotic, it could just be ironic halloween torture.... like a girl who wants to lose weight turning into living melting chocolate and literally metling away the pounds. Or gremlins bursting from nowhere and wrecking things, or being chased around by mysteriously teleporting jack o lanturns.


You decide if this stops before it goes to far. And if the whole thing is candy themed or not.


The motovation could be communicated by somone stopping the witch to insist on apologising before acceptig the candy, which he mysteriously loses after she leaves.



based on a pinterest prompt i saw a while back. A young man asks a witch (abpit his age) for a spell and she asks for his first born. Mostoy out of tradition, she's pretty new and doesn't know what else to ask for. But he's neither msrried nor in a relationship at the time, so when the spell works he decides to make her a thank you present anyway. Then later he goes back for more help and eventually they turn into friends helping each other out. Down the line, they fall in love and get married, with a kid on the way. She got his first child after all.


a young man is sent trick or treating with a group of kids and given a magic bucket of candy as incentive by a witch who admires his responsibility (although he doesn’t know), and instructed to, each time he see a girl he likes, give one to her. the candy turns them into their costume, abliet a sexualised version (and possibly with a matching candy motif), and when he gets home they give him a ‘treat’ in a monster orgy. the epilouge (when everything’s back to normal the next day) reveals they change again when they eat the same kind of candy…. and are fully aware and looking forwards to using it.



a sickly girl dies wishing she could have been happy with her boyfriend, dreaming f their life together. She dies mid erotic fantasy.

When she comes back as a ghost, she decides that sleeping with him must have been her unfinished buisness and tries to communicate it with him….. but can only do typical haunting stuff, much to her frustration. though with an erotic twist, like casting shadows that show off her voluptuous form (her afterlife-body compensates for the long period of malnourishment), or appearing as an image on tv…. as her breasts or butt. OR she can posses the images of women on tv but makes them as curvy as herself. or her ectoplasm shape she leaves behind are the shape of her rear, which she feels very concnious about (though her man noices and blushes before being afraid again). the story is her trying and failing to get a message across and him being terrified of the haunting, with the contrast being the comedy. She eventually manages to manifest on halloween and actually get her night with him…. and she’d still there the next day, since her buisness was actually to ‘grow old and die with him’, so she’s not moving on until he does.

It works well like that i think, but a twist could be that a few girls died (bus crash or something, i dunno) all of whom had eyes on the same guy and are competing to signal him and lay with him.

the ghosts are the traditional ‘pale white with ghostly tail’ type, with all the traditional hauntings and trappings. they can manifest on halloween due to the spirit world being closer and stay permanently once they bind themselves to their boyfriend.




King boo has a daughter with a crush on luigi. she is either naturally humanoid, or uses the boo shroom or princess crown to become humanoid and try to catch his attention and seduce him…. but she’s still a BOO, so she’s chronically shy and hides the instant he looks at her. she eventually resorts to kidnapping daisy out of jealousy…. and STILL has trouble with shyness in her evil scheme.

this, basically:

The most she can do is affectionately stalking him while waxing poetic and oogling…. and ducking out of sight when he looks. she either confronts him directly or resorts to possessing daisy for her way in… and it still fails because she unthinkingly ducks out of her body when he gets near


daisy may or may not like the idea of threesomes with the ghost or being possessed while sleeping with luigi as a form of ultimate threesome or bondage. or she just like messing with her.

King boo would be FURIOUS Luigi seduced his daughter



halloween in gravity falls, and dipper and his sister are back in town (stright off the bat, mabel is not part of this prompt so no pinecest and no bashing). however, as he walks around helping people set up or goes trick or treating he keep runninf into monster girls, specifically the ‘monster falls’ girls and monster girls from this and similar networks.

Dipper and his sister are back in town and helping set up halloween/summerween. during the events dipper notices a rumber of strange girls or signs. then during the night, while trick or treating, he is lured away and seduced by the girls, revealed to be monsters who suspect he’s onto them. each one by one, however none of them actually manage to ‘land the deal’ so to speak.

with tension running high, he is kidnapped by them and taken to ‘darkness falls’, the monster counterpart slash monster community of gravty falls (the name is played for comedy, they admit the name is stupid and have a hard time saying it) where they want o blank his mind or force him to keep their existence secret. should it turn out they stuffed up and were discovered, he’ll be blanked anyway but they will be barred from halloween, so they’d prefer to keep him quiet themselves. they eventually settle on seducing the silence out of him, but pacifica and wendy arrive (mable’s organised a town search in dipper’ absence) and take him back, but not before they make sure it’s clear that THEY are dipper’s girls in a truce. they founf him because they too are monsters, though they generally live in gravity falls. they take him back, mable is glad to see her brother safe and ound, and dipper awkwardly asks paz and wendy out, confused on which he should ask or how it works.

in an epilouge, the girls show up again to make sure he stayed silent….. and ‘subtly’ try to ask if he’d be interested in another round or two….. or need a research subject.

Edit: here are some more: 


An dark overlord sorcerer type is DESPERATE for a date and raising the dead to ask them out isn't working. Apparently they have too high standards and he's too shy to make a good first impression, so most of the dead just pack up and get back to what they were doing in life. He's pretty mellow for a dark lord, just sending occasional evil raids or surprise birthday parties for the neighbours and making threatening proclamations every now and then that may or may not be weather forecasts. He’s not exactly evil, but he’s good for the local economy and tourism so no one minds him. He’s a local figure and held with a mixture of pride and odd dissapointment, sure he’s not exactly menacing or some legendary terror but honestly life’s been MUCH better since he took over from the old guy and how many villages can book an appearance by the evil lord for most major functions? Every now and then someone comes by to kill him and the village just takes them quietly aside and explains things. they also had a whip around and hired a professional hero to call dibs on killing him and not actually do it.

HOWEVER, he blames himself and isn’t ready to give up, so sends out his minions to find one due to his utmosy faith in them. And by minions he means the valued castle staff, whenever they can find them time. His minions, all monster girls of various kinds in various staff roles (such as cook, maid, sectretary, captain) are all in love with him so they go out one-by-one and bring back themselves in disguise (they didn’t realise they’d all had the same idea but caught on pretty quick when all in the same room), thus begins a cutthroat competition to be his bride. All while trying to sabotage each other and pull double-shift as their human selvea and dark duties. They are REALLY bad at passing off as human.... but he's really bad at talking to one so he doesn't notice. when he does he worries out loud that something might have happened to them) He also keeps praising his staff and being a great boss, which makes their affections and competition even worse.

oh, and remember that professional hero i mentioned? she’s probably also a contender, but more of a slowburn friend and trusted advisor to lover thing going on while all the rest is too. and her messing with the staff in their scheme for fun.

each girl is both a monster and staff member so try to have fun combinations and use both as enticingly as possible, human form is for character explorations.


If you want to mix this with any given franchise with appropriate hero and monstrous girls, eg marco from star vs the forces, danny phantom with the humans turned into appropriate monsters, kimihito from monster musmue, jake long, adrien from miraculous! and the akuma girls/marinette, then go ahead! but if you DO try and mix in some neat additions from that series that enhance it. And keep it in character, do NOT turn them into some prodigy of evil without some kind of in-character twist.


Hotel transylvania x school for vampires crossover.

Either Mavis is sent to the school, or drac and family are hosting it, but either way mavis meets vlad and they bond over their mutual appreciation of humans and friendliness. Mavis learns about vlad’s crush n sunshine and decides to help him win her over, unwittingly setting the ball rolling that will result in vlad getting a number of permanent girlfriends including sunshine, gothetta/gruftine and herself.   Batoria and nerfativi are also candidates. comedy of errors style slow-burn. students are of roughly Mavis’s age and sunshine is of roughly equivalent physical age HOWEVER, whether this means they start older than in their series at near-graduation or mavis meets them while younger and they all go through UNTIL gradation, slowly developing relations and having antics until then is up to you.



Kimihito and his household from Monster musume are experiencing their first halloween and the girls dress up as…. humans! of varying occupation. what starts as a simple night out to experience the holiday snowballs into a scheme to either keep darling safe or keep him away from other girls because his mysterious attraction to monsters is in full swing, and on this night it seems even costumed girls are coming on to him! not to mentions feelings are mysteriously running high, and the house girls may have to team up to win him over…. erm…. win his safety….


an anothology series centred around a cursed costume shop. Whoever is in need (or suits the needs f the shop, depending on how you want to play it) is subtly guided into the store, uncertain why they are there and sold a costume. The prospect customer is facing a difficulty or upcoming even in their life on halloween and once given the costume they find themselves wearing it as they go to face it. Once they arrive and things begin, they find themselves becoming their costume (slowly or kinda-slow, but enough to notice and be surprised by the change), which begins affecting the event, twisting it to suit the theme, eg

a wolf could become a hunt or turn the other party into sheep-people for shepard-theme foreplay.

a vampiress could find herself bold and seductive but kinda superficial

a plot to ambush and scare someone could backfire when suddenly they are terrifying

a mummy queen goes trick or treating and keeps receiving jewelry.


the next day they have no idea what happened.

whether this is ACTUAL help or monkeys-paw-style is up to you


This is either an AU, or Danny accidentally makes a wish on the reality gauntlet, resulting in a new world . Either way, sthis take place where in a universe where danny is a only child living with his father (if you want to include jazz and maddie in the girls, if not then he isn’t and he has his normal family. it’s not my thing but go ahead.), the male ghosts are human residents (though still morally ambiguous or eccentric) and ALL the attractive or curvaceous girls in his life are ghosts, demons or monster girls, like plant-ghost sam or werecat-or-succubus paulina.

They all live in a gothic wilderness or frontier town and danny is secretly defending town from these girls while trying to solve the mystery of where they come from in his spare time, on top of maintaining his ordinary life and assisting his dad’s OWN investigation and preventative measures. This is both a hinderance and a pretty big help due to his dad’s pretty expansive knowledge on spooks.

The girls are curious about him and/or realise his double-nature is a brilliant infiltration tool and cover and adopt human persona’s and disguises. The girls in human guise move into town (or just show up due to danny’s unfamiliarity) after he defeats them the first time, with Danny either none the wiser or suspicious at best. If we use the wish, danny recognises the girls he used to know and is glad their safe but finds he cannot make the connection. Their reasons vary, but they ultimately all make an effort to insert themselves into his life and get closer to him.

The human girls try to get close to and seduce danny, all through different methods, while the ghosts are much more openly amorous but sinister.

idea for positions,

Sam as a botanist and natural remedist (she insists she’s not a witch), becoming a confidant and back-alley doctor for danny’s injuries.

Desiree as an antiques dealer, massage therapist or fortune teller, giving therapy to the town and cryptic hints of danny’s ‘destiny’

Paunlina as mayor’s daughter or daughter of an an exotic tradesman, trying to win him with shiney trinkets

Ember as town crier, travelling minstrel, lamplighter, shamelessy flirting with him and egging him on

Valerie as a ‘proffesional hunter’ hired to deal with the spooks.

Dora as a librarian or descendant of a ‘legendary dragonslayer’

If you want them in the harem, maddie and jazz as a mother daughter pair who show up as danny’s prospect stepmother while really coming on to him.


This idea can also be applied to star vs the forces of evil, with marco being a settler in a human colony who keeps running into monster girls of girls he knows who sneak into town to get closer to him



Hotel Transylvania remix

When Johnny comes to the hotel, dracul has not one but three daughters who all take an interest in him. The given examples are Mavis from the original, draculaura from monster high and sibella from ghoul school, but  any three examples will work. Mavis, however, must be included. Johnny is quickly dragged around the hotel by the three, extending his stay and allowing them all a chance to fall in love and try to win him over, however should dracula find out he will naturally be unhappy.



a Young man is watching the trick-or-treaters and thinking about how he used to enjoy it when he was younger. suddenly he sees a girl about his age in cstume looking lost get given a piece of candy and not know what to do with it. while any monster costume will do, for this example i will be using ‘ghost’, as in she is wearing long white shrouds and black painted circles around her eyes with a layer of white dusting over her skin and hair. She looks lost (and cute) so he goes up, introduces himself and asks about her. she seems confused and offers him the candy before either mouthing silently or speaking a language he doesn’t recognise. He takes the candy, thanks her and explains the concept of trick-or-treating.

However, she is still lost, so he indicates to follow her and demonstrates. once she sees him do it, she eagerly does the same. The two then walk around, trick or treating and talking to each other in languages the other doesn’t understand and have a blast doing it. AS the night goes on, they build up a large pile of candy and she seems to get sad. when he notices, he asks her what’s wrong and she simply gives him her candy and copies his ‘thank you’ from some earlier point, kisses him on the cheek and fades away, revealing herself to be an actual ghost (reveal-exits may vary based on which monster you choose).

He wanders home in a daze, thinking about what he’s seen and the time he spent with her. He concludes that he knows nothing about her, but that he Very much would like to and can see himself falling in love, and resolves to research and see if he can find anything on her and hopes she’ll be back next year.

The next DAY however, he opens the door to find her standing there, looking nervous and holding a bag of candy. she’s smiling nervously and asks ‘trick or treat’ in broken English. he just smiles and invites her inside to talk.


Star vs the forces of halloween

This is an alternate setting where all parties are human unless otherwuse or AMBIGUOUSLY human at writers expense.

Marco diaz is going trick or treating with a bunch of his colledge friends this year as supervisers for younger children and receives a notice from ferguson and alphonse that they cannot make it. In reality they were not invited, the trip has been organised by the girls close to him to get opportunities to get close. The girls have arranged a gentlemen's agreement, should they get marco alone there will be no interference and the others will keep the kids distracted and handled to allow seduction or anything else. What's more, everyone gets a turn, but they cannot take too long to prvemt 'hogging' and avoid hoistinng kids on each other all night or just taking marco and run.

The girls (and their costumes) are:

Stella myuman (star butterfly)/fairy or alien: Marco's eccentric best and oldest friend who's been in love with him for years but can't brig herself to break up him and jackie. Marco is visibly in love with her as well as jackie and it's tearing at him, everyone can see.

Jackie lynn thomas/mermaid: marco's girlfriend and an old mutual friend of his and stars. She thought he and star were going to wind up together but star was clear that it was marco's choice. She and star are going along with this as a way to be fair to each other, they both want marco but feel he should be with the other and wush thigs could be better.

Janna/witch: jackie's best friend with an interest in marco and love of messing with him but no idea how to communicate feelings. This was her idea after watching star and jackie flounder arpund each other and imaging a shared marco system then inserting herself.

Tom/punk demon: a tomboyish ounk girl and longtime friend of stars, marco is genuinly convinced she's a guy and has been since they met. She loves star but has come to terms with her liking marco. She's joining this since the marco share could probably get her closer to star and honestly she's grosn to like marco a bit too.

Kelly/dryad, star's hippie friend from out of town. She claims to have a boyfriend but he's imaginary (in/on her head) and is looking for some experience with a decent guy.

Hex(hekapoo)/devil horns and candy-corn dress, a slightly pudgy but VERY stacked recent graduate (one year level aboclve them) with dye-red hair who is their superviser on this outing. Her 'costume' is standard issue superviser handout, leading to a bunch of people walking aroind in the same horns as guides. She does think marco's cute but hasn't noticed him all that much, except her family is old friemds with stars and she's heard a lot about him growing up. Star tends to go with her for advice, particulalry romantic advice. She's not in on the plan but catches on quick, getting time with him herself and also getting time with star, excusing both as giving advice and 'kissig  practice'. She isn't anglig  for an in yet but can see herself wanting one and is laying aome groundwork juat in case.

Higgs/knight, an aggressive rival of marco's in stubborn denial who was rotated to their group.

I've little idea what to do with higgs and feel free to add any other girls, but as the night goes on encounters get steadilt more sexual.

E.g, kelly starts with some making out and groping, to practise 'for her boyfriend'

hekapoo takes him aside and coaches him on hia technique, inviting him to feel her up as she does

janna goes down on him and invites him to return the favour or try out the rest sometime

He then decides that something weird ia going on and decides to avoid girls for a while by sticking with tom. See above for why this doesn't work. Tom goes all the way with him, at which point marco is too tired to continue, so star and jackie take him home.

When they get hpm both star and jackie try to insist the other should go to him, citing that he's obviously in love with tgem and they arw the better girl for him, but eventually marco comes looking for them and they resort to BOTH sleeping with him. The threesome is as romantic as possible. Afterwards, both girls try to ask marco out for the other or ask him to be with them in an awkward jumbled conversation thst ends with marco having two girlfriends.

The next day the girls all congeadulate the three, but ask if they wouldn't mind borrowing their boyfriend on occasion, as they'd like another turn (and tom tries to offer to help star practise girl makeouts for jackie but is also part of the marco crowd).

16) Hotel transylvania, when old ghoulfriends call

Mavis has told her husband all about her old girlfriends from the ghoulscouts, charlotte and sophie and wonders how they are doing one day. As a surprise jhonny decodes to invites them to viait her on her birthday and stay over.

What he DOESN'T know is that girlfriends is a bit more literal than she let on, they met a few times as teenage-equivalents, and experiemented. As such, the girls have gotten the wrong idea of what kimd of present this is, but are impresses by his willingness to let this happen.

When jhonny gives them a day to themswlves, they make their move, mistakenlyntelling her jhonny arranged this. And deciding to let him join a round when he gets back.

Afterwards, this miscommunication is realised,but mavis asks what they're doing on the day of Jhonny's birthday


if you like the general idea but think you;ve got a better version, feel free to suggest it

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