Original or Fanfiction?

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I feel stupid. Because of many reasons but I’ll get straight to the point. I started a story that is loosely based off of Sword Art Online. There are no characters or settings from the anime/manga, only the same premise (virtual reality gamers stuck in the actual game, in case you’re wondering). There might be a couple of scenarios that will be similar but I’ve honestly haven’t made up my mind about that yet.

Do I still put this under Anime/Sword Art Online or can I put this under Original Fantasy/Adventure?

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The idea of VR gamers stuck in the game is not unique to Sword Art Online. There’s been any number of instances of that being used, like the movies Jumanji and Tron, and more novels than I could name quickly. So I think it’s fine under Original Fantasy/Adventure.

Oh, and you’re never stupid. It’s a good question! :hug:

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