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Title: Dil-Drones
Summary: In the not-so-distant future, the world’s largest mail-order company launches a fleet of flying delivery drones and develops a sophisticated computer system to manage them. But when DelNet becomes self-aware, it decides to explore new forms of customer satisfaction.
Warnings: Ageplay, Anal, COMPLETE, Ds, Fet, MF, Oneshot, Toys
Fandom: Original
Solo vs Chaptered: Solo
Review Replies:

Just look at these rave reviews:

“It’s the Sharknado of porn!”

Entertainment, Weakly

“It’s like looking into your trousers and seeing the future.”

The London Daily Ceiling-Mirror

“Coarse, derivative, and exploitative—in other words, everything we like in a pornographic short story.”

The New Porker

“Two thumbs up…your ass!”

Two Guys in Sport Coats


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