Also can't login or reset password

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So, I’m not sure what’s going on, as my account is still there ( ) but the site won’t allow me to log in or reset my password.

Attempting to log in tells me that I’m not registered, and attempting to reset my password tells me “The e-mail you provided may not be registered or is registered multiple times, please contact support or try registering” I’m about 99% sure that my email isn’t registered more than once, so maybe you’ve stopped supporting my email service? I also read in another thread that the password needs to be no longer than 12 characters, which mine definitely is longer, so maybe that’ s the problem?

Either way, I hope it can be solved at some point. My health problems have finally been figured out, so I’m hoping that once I get over the flu I can actually start writing again ^^

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If your password is more than 12 characters, it’s too long. 8-12 letters and/or numbers is the range that works. Also keep in mind we don’t allow anything but letters and numbers. No special characters, periods, dashes, et cetera are allowed. And the password is case sensitive as well, so if you forgot and left your caps lock on when you created the password, it’ll always need to be all caps.

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