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Desiderius Price


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Title: Star Rebels: Jefferey
Summary: It starts with a bath. A naked boy is caught in an impending divorce and his journey begins. This is Jeff's story.
Warnings: Exhib, M/F, Minor1, Minor2, Others
Fandom: Original
Solo vs Chaptered: Episodic (ie, serial with one episode per “chapter”)
Review Replies:

Yes, this story was first posted in the middle of 2016, however, I got sidetracked onto other stories.  Therefore, I’m revising it before I continue it, seemed the best way to get reacquainted with the subtleties and nuances.  As I’m toying with the idea of adding in some new episodes, thus, I deleted most of the posted episodes (but not the story), and will repost the episodes as I revise. 

Episodes one and two have been revised and posted, may the revision fest begin! 

(And, I’ll make a 2018 goal, progress the Jefferey story to the timeline of Dolbourne Chronicles.)


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