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I’m sorry! I haven’t come up with anything useful yet, but hopefully DemonGoddess061 will know something. She’s just been insanely busy with RL work, and I need her input, since I’m hitting the limits of what I can do.

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On 9/5/2017 at 4:25 AM, Guest ProphecyGirl said:

fwiw i am having exactly this same problem, followed all the listed steps, and am ready to just break down in tears or something. ive been a member of AFF for so long that im literally user #5 (back when ayla started the site) and i cant log in, and im losing my mind. username is prophecygirl, email is – keeps telling me i have no account, or i have too many accounts (i only have one!) i literally cant even login to comment as other than a guest here either. :/  definitely sure of my username (and can see my account with my stories etc on the site) and email and password. i guess im a fly in the ointment too? misery loves company yeah? :( 

You’re registered with a different email entirely than what you’ve listed.  It’s your “malicewrites” email.

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