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Desiderius Price

Dale's Game

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Author: Desiderius Price
Title: Dale’s Game
Summary: Compelled to temporarily stop using the latest Baby Shark gaming platform, Dale is forced back into the reality of his family’s destitution. After a date with a girl goes wrong, Dale faces his demons with the help of his friend, and Dale finds himself.
Feedback: Feedback and Constructive Criticism appreciated
Fandom: Original
Pairing: N/A
Warnings: (anticipated) 3Plus Abuse Anal Angst Bi Bigotry Contro Exhib Fet FF Fingering HJ Humil MCD MF MiCD Minor1 (12+) Minor2 MM Oral Rape Rim SH Solo Tort Toys Violence Voy WD WIP WS
Solo or Chaptered: Chaptered (after I post chapter 2)
Review Reply thread:


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