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Alrighty, first of all, the Archive Clean Up project forum is NOT the right place to post requests for help of any kind, really, so I've moved your post to the correct forum.

Second, it would be of enormous help if you would explain in a bit more detail what you mean. Are you talking about an Archive registration or a Forum registration?

Please give us as much detail as you can about any kind of error messages that you might be getting, and such, and our Archive mods and administrators will try to help as soon as they can.

Edit: I did a quick search in the Archive, and I found one user with the pen name Slayer-of-evil, who has been registered since 2005. I can not see if that person has updated under the new system, but the archive moderators should be able to figure that out.

Please let me know if that could be you, and I'll provide the link for that profile.

Willow Darkling, Forum Moderator.

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Slayer, you do NOT need to register again. You're registered. You just need to let us know the problem.

Tell us where you're having an issue, and we'll walk you through getting it sorted.

Did you forget your password? Reset it here:

Do you need to clear old cookies because you're linking to the old domain name? Try this:

Anything else, tell us the issue. We can't help if we don't know what's wrong.

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