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hmmm…. i like they, because it calls to mind a shadowy mass of preators operating behind the mask of a human being…. but that may be implying a much greater workforce than one person and put pressure on you, so singular faceless entity it is.


okay, steering away from the…. murderier girls i have some ideas, as said before for how the villainesses can be worked into the setting as people in his college or the like, such as:


doreen the white rabbit being a rich girl who thinks that she inherently deserves the superhero boyfriend and creates a persona to hunt him down when he isn’t interested. or she tries to seduce peter into doing her homework and refuses to accept no, to the point of caring about that more than the homework. as a gag on his ongoing poverty, he could not be able to stand her but cave quite often because her bribes pay his bills.

Bomshell sr being one of his teachers and juniour one of his fellow students. they take shifts, covering for each other to throw off any suspicion on one of them. (for those who don;t know bombshell is a mother-daughter pair of superpowered theives who got their powers from a presumed failed experiment when the mother was un-knowingly pregnant)

ana could be still be in training and much more interested in modern hunting techniques and social behaviour while still learning the classics from her dad. as a nod to kraven marvel’s spiderman, she livestreams her hunts, including the ongoing one with spidey. she’s also very blatantly interested in him and trying to keep her dad from knowing her fans ship them hard.

speaking of, Screwball. world’s first live-streaming supervillain. she could be in a continuous rivalry with ana over views and spidey. Her main interaction could be challenging him to bring in hits on her show. she obviously jumps in to help him against ana at times. in marvel’s spiderman she’s liz allen, compensating for being only a normal intellect in a school of geniuses, but you dont have to go that way, though we don;t have any other identity to use. having her fans attack people only happened in the video game. in the comics, however, she’s been known to help spidey out by using her gymnast abilities to pose as him when needed.

scorpina (goverment asasin, goverment unknown) could be a student from a rival school who decided to trash the place by building a super-suit and framing it as a random villain attack. if they’re holding some kind of science contest, she could simply be sabotaging the cmopetion/ or maybe she’s drawing out spidey for observation under ana’s orders, making her a professional spider-distraction.

Keemia marko, as said before, is a homeless runaway and part of an outreach education program peter is enlisted in, so he tutors her part time. her dad has no idea where she is and is motivated in this version by finding her. she has some bitter feelings towards him and like in marvel’s spiderman, the same powers.

francine beck is a bit of an egotist actress, but nowhere near as bad as her father. she’s overdramatic and friendly with her fellow students and doing an engineering degree alonside drama in order to learn special effects. which brings her in contact with peter. she is very fond of him and his dramatic life and walking comedy tendencies but blames spiderman for her father’s long absences in her life (due to his being in jail and in hiding keeping him from her. in reality he just doesn’t care). she is a very accomplished illusionist and special effects wizz, but no mysterio yet. instead, she’s best at camera-jacking, footage analysis (spotting fakes) and getaways or alibis.

Lady octopus (carolyn trainer, i’ using the marvel’s spiderman design) an egineering student alonside peter and personal pupil of doctor octavius. recognises peter as brilliant and has a slow growing crush based on that and a number of other things, like accidentaly finding out he’s unusually well-built for a nerd and his saving her (as peter) from her old teacher gone mad.

komodo, goverment spook with the lizard formula, could be a girl trying to piggyback doctor connors research or an actual sheild operative sent to tail him.

silver sable, up and coming mafia princess who gets attacked for her family quite a lot and starts coming on to spidey out of appreciation and because she wants a bodyguard and maybe offers to fund him. a somehow less evil white rabbit.

Janice lincon, as a nod to her father’s mob history and the beetle’s mercenary career, could be sable’s actual bodyguard, but a mundane one overwhelmed by all this at first, so they steal designs and parts for the beetle armour to gain an edge. janice is pretty much silver’s number two and muscle/enforcer/best friend and her personal super after the upgrade. incredibly loyal and willing to stand by silver be she good or evil, as a nod to both of them having history across the spectrum (silver being a classic somtimes antihero sometimes antihero and beetle being in the thunderbolts). she GLADLY fetches spiderman at her boss’s request and is very grateful for keeping her alive. may have a crush on her boss.



so as i was saying earlier it would be fun for spidery to have these girls fall for him, some as peter, some as spidey and have that be the reason for a new sinister six, they team up to catch their crushes, confess and win them over while holding them far away from anyone else. the spidey girls agree to help the peter girls if they’ll return the favour when it’s their turn. they probably do this because it becomes well known spidey’s dating black cat and peter’s dating mary jane.

any of the above ones would work. i’ve tried to give them all different motivations and reasons to like him as a nod to the dynamic in spectacular spiderman

given white rabbit’s history of forming teams that ditch her at the drop of a hat since she’s so abrasive and crazy, i’m gonna say it’s her idea  born out of both her perceived boyfriends ‘cheating’ on her, and while the girls take up the idea they don;t include her in the plan.

they probably go after peter first since they’re new to supervillaining and he’s an easy taget. plus his reactin to hearing the plan, both targets and his being used as bait to draw out spidey would be hilarious.




Charlotte winter, madame web’s granddaughter. she could be really fun for messing with timelines or as a plot person.

joystick….. not much on her. she’s an adrenaline junkie who enters illegal superhuman gladiator contests, so given the name maybe seeing spidey inspired her to take up real-assasin’s creed stlye free-running and  videogame-inspired fighting and thrills?

also, instead of she-venom, eddie’s ex girlfriend, what if the symbiote was an independent harem member? simlar to suu, from monster musume or ship in you ben 10 story, and capable of becoming a costume for anyone or groping them. alternativly, in the future-storyline of spidergirl, the venom symbiote is bonded to mary jane, which might work here and allow for her to join in heroics.





to keep things clear, anyone below this line is a option, but comes with a LOT of baggage and is probably a bad idea.



the murdery ones include

goblin queen,  an evil clone jean gray and her clone-self army

the queen, master of all insects and insect people




francin frye, electra (VERY unhinged supervillain fan and stalker of electro of all people. got her powers through the genius method of kissing him when he was out of controll, dying and coming back). i’m imagining her as a very punk anarchist figure, mixed with the jla version of livewire.



REALLY tricky ones include

stunner: is a hologram. and yet somehow doc ock’s girlfriend. she’s not even HIS hologram

delilah, the rose’s  (kingpin’s son’s) girlfriend. incredibly tangential

shathra (evil spider-wasp shapeshifting god. eats totem people like spiderman)

carmilla black, new scorpion, ex sheild agent and user of chemicals

commanda, armoured theif. hasn’t been seen since civil war ad only briefly before that.

lady stilt-man (because you KNOW you’ve hit rock bottom)

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the above should be enough, but these are also interesting villainesses of his

titania, the hulk villainess, is actually afraid of him

coldheart the hero-hating goverment assasin targeted him first

and princess python, snake charmer of the circus of crime, is the first villainess he ever faced.

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i just had an idea for a story arc for pacing and to tie them all together. you know how i suggested sable is a mafia princess he saves? you remember how in spectacular spiderman the criminals make supervillains to distract him from their crimes?


what if he saves her at pretty much the beginning, while she’s having a crisis of where to go and sable, for want of a better word, FUNDS the supervillainesses to get more time with spiderman and to try out this direction in life?


we treat her as one of his ‘core’ girlfriends and the supervillainesses as her supporting cast. that is to say we control the pacing by making it about him taking his relationships with say…. mj, gwen, felicia and sable seriously and taking his time, while the villainesses attack and are backed by a mysterious backer (sable). thus she gets to woo him, get to know him better (because unlike the others she doesn’t have a way to find or hang out with him) and have him ‘save her’ from this life?

basically, she’s decided she want out and wants HIM to be the one to take her out, but since unlike mmj, gwen and felicia she can only be with him when under attack she makes attacks.

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her loyal bodyguard becoming beetle is the first, then scorpia, then others. as she begins to get an inkling of who he is she can make a move on peter parker and start flirting/helping him out and getting villainesses closer to home.

this would also make sable the one behind the sinister 6


it also adds a good reason for villain attacks and mystery arc to the story


PLUS, it helps keep a larger cast manageable by making them sable’s sub characters. like how in lewd new world each wife has her own girls? sable and followers would be his ‘villain’ batch of girls

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