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Hi Friends! I got a note from the moderators because my author's notes were too long! They suggested I reply to your reviews in the forums, so here it is. I don't believe you need to register to read the thread.

Review Replies for Tuition Money: Chapter 9, A Gathering of Friends

@staar: Well…I guess you’ll see how she takes the news. But I do think he responds to her in a way that shows his growing feelings for her. Thank you for the review!

@Dragon_Maiden: I hope you like this chapter as Ron, Hermione and Luna go to confront Harry. Thank you for the review!

@ General Crow: I loved your observation that “having just one person who will be there for you is the greatest thing you can ask for”. While I was writing this chapter I thought about that wonderful sentiment because it’s really true, isn’t it? As for Hermione’s parents, I’m not sure where I’m going with them, but their story is far from over. Hermione desperately wants them in her life and Draco understands this, as he is in somewhat of a similar situation with his parents. Your review certainly gave me lots of food for thought, so thank you!

@Trelweny: Now I’m dying to know what your tattoo is! You really thought it out, much more than most, I think. After Sirius died, we saw an angry, belligerent Harry in JKR’s books. I thought that after the war and the loss of Remus, Tonks, Fred and so many others, he would feel even more of those emotions in conjunction with the terror of fighting horrid Death Eaters and finally his terrifying battle with Voldemort. However, I don’t want him to become this pathetic, villain-y jerk, because I think he’s a fabulous character. Luna may be someone who can help pull him from the darkness of his thoughts. Thank you for the lovely review!

@ MargeW76: Even for the most emotionally-mature of men, it’s difficult to admit feelings of love, so I think the fact that Draco did it says a lot about his feelings for Hermione. He’s experienced betrayal and feeling used by those he trusted, so he can understand why she’s reluctant to reciprocate his feelings even though he thinks she might feel the same way. Thank you for reading and for the review!

@ sherlocked17: Poor Draco, his declaration of love was like a bucket of cold water on Hermione! So much for sexy, knicker-free time, hahaha!

@ Mocha Midnight: Love will not be simple for D & H, but they are getting closer. Thank you for the review!

@Malfoy'sgirl: There’s more Luna in this chapter. She is different, but she has lots of character and fortitude and she’s smart in an unusual way, even for a witch. Harry talks a bit about his issues in this chapter, which I hope helps to take him further from the villain role. Thank you for the review!

@HarryGinny4eva: I always thought Luna was a brave character first because she wasn’t afraid to be herself even when others made fun of her, then because she made the choice to become an integral part of Dumbledore’s Army. She’s a warrior in her own right. I thought that if anyone could deal with a depressed, somewhat unkind Harry, it would be Luna because she doesn’t put people in boxes. And Ginny having to end her relationship with her first love was hard, but I kept imagining hot Matthew Lewis as Neville and I didn’t feel so bad for her. ;) Thank you for the review!

@ilariasantaniello: Questo Draco è dolce , non è vero? Egli non ottiene esattamente quello che vuole da Hermione , che è difficile per lui , ma lui la prende con grazia . Grazie per continuare a leggere e per le incredibili recensioni italiane !

@Lady_Valdemort: Hands down, that was the coolest review ever. I even showed it to my husband! As for Harry, I agree the possibility of him being quite damaged from the war is very real. For many years, Harry, Hermione and Ron were each other’s support system, but Harry changed that dynamic when he and Hermione began sleeping together and were similarly psychologically wounded. I can also imagine Harry being further depressed by trying to do the Auror training, but finding he didn’t have the rule-abiding qualities the Ministry of Magic seemed to propagate. He doesn’t fit into a mold anymore and he’s adrift. I would love some visuals to go with this story! Your website is beautiful. Whatever you do would be SO appreciated. :)

@ aisukurimu: Happy New Year to you, too! I hope your year is filled with great stories, love and prosperity!

@Y: I’m glad you found the story. It’s very much a story that’s being written at my whim, but I am trying to update every week or so. Thank you for the review!

@Kayleigh: Thank you! This story has been fun to write and I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Thank you for the review. :)

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Well, it turns out I write very long author's notes, so here is another group of of review replies for Chapter 10: Interpreting Love.

@Missus_G: Thanks! There’s some struggle in this relationship, but they are definitely on the path to happily ever after.

@Kayxbear: Thank you for the kind comment! I’m such a big fan of Dramione stories, it’s been a blast to write my own. Thanks for reading and the review.

@Trelweny: I think because Harry was so isolated as a child and was sometimes reluctant to accept help from others (like when he wanted to go on the Horcrux hunt alone), he would likely not seek help for his depression. I always felt Luna could help Harry out of a funk, although his problem is more serious than mere unhappiness. As for Hermione, I am still trying to figure out how she will begin to heal from the estrangement with her parents. I think this will go a long way in helping her to trust again. Thanks so much for reading and the lovely review!

@sherlocked17: I haven’t finished with Lucius and Narcissa, but I will have to figure out a good way to include them in the story. I want Harry to begin to get over his overwhelming guilt. Even in the books, he’s kind of snarky and egotistical, but it’s tempered by his brave and selfless acts and I wanted to keep that aspect of his character in my story. Thanks so much for reading and your kind reviews!

@HarryGinny4eva: Your observation about Draco providing a level of normalcy for Hermione was really apt. Without feeling safe or secure, she’d never be able to move forward emotionally, Maslow’s Hierarchy and all that. ;) I’m so glad you liked the chapter enough to analyze it. Quite the compliment, as far as I’m concerned. Thank you for the lovely review!

@ilariasantaniello: Non sono mai stato in Italia , ma suona divina! Draco e Hermione sono infatti combustibili , non è vero? Immagino parte della loro attrito quando erano più giovani è dovuto al fatto che essi hanno una comprensione innata di ciò che ha reso l'altro tick. Grazie mille per la recensione!

@Dragon_Maiden: Slow burn, baby! Or should I say an emotionally slow burn, in Hermione’s case? She’s in such an unusual situation with Draco, I think if I were in her position, it would be hard for me to understand why someone wanted to offer me so much. Her feelings are her only currency, although she does allow him to see more of her than most of her friends have seen. Thanks for reading and the review!

@staar: I am partial to a Luna/Harry pairing, although I like Harry and Ginny, too. What I like about Luna is that she accepts people as she sees them. She doesn’t pretend that Harry is just being jerk, but understands his need to grieve those who lost their lives and families. I thought the Ollivander expedition would be a good way for Harry to use his skills and bravery without having to constantly fear for his life, as he did on the Horcrux hunt. As for the elder Malfoys, I’m not sure what to do with them yet, but I think they knew they were used and don’t necessarily want to live in a world where someone like Voldemort was in charge. Thanks for the review!

@ Malfoy'sgirl: Well, I think you might get some emotional relief this chapter! But of course, it’s never simple with these two, so there are caveats. Thanks for the review! You always make me chuckle with your urging for me to post more. J

@General Crow: One of the awesome things about Luna, and what probably put her in Ravenclaw, is that she can objectively look at feelings and motivations and not take the resulting behavior personally. That’s not to say she’s a doormat, but she understands Harry’s anger and resulting bad behavior isn’t about her. In this story, Hermione desperately wants to be involved in her parents’ lives, but they are afraid of her. That fear turned into a situation where they want her to give up an integral part of herself and live as a Muggle. What I think they fail to understand is that even without her wand, her innate magic would show itself when she her emotions ran high. I plan to involve Draco in that healing process between Hermione and her parents, but I have yet to figure out when and how to do it. I don’t think it will be possible for her to make a life with him without resolution with her parents. It sounds like the problem in your family was a difficult situation for you, as the youngest person in that group. I imagine it took a lot of character for you to hold your tongue with the family members who didn’t want to believe the severity of your aunt’s health problems. Thank you for the introspective review and more for me to mull over!

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Review Replies for Tuition Money, Chapter 11: Love, Finally

Thanks to you lovely people who take the time to leave such heartening reviews!

@staar: No, it’s definitely not done! I feel like the story has several more chapters before I call it quits. Thank you for the review!

@ ilariasantaniello: La storia non è finita , ma posso capire perché avete pensato che potrebbe essere . Ho cercato di ottenere questo capitolo in fretta per ridurre la confusione . Grazie per la recensione !

@Malfoy'sgirl: Even though 500 Galleons translates to quite a bit of money in pounds or dollars, it seems manageable compared to what Hermione owed at the beginning of the story. Money is such a volatile issue in most relationships, but in this one, Draco tackles it head-on to get his chance to court Hermione. He gambled on the fact that she wanted to go to uni more than she wanted to hide her financial problems, but I think it could have gone the other way as well. Thanks for reading and the review!

@Trelweny: I struggled with the timing of having Hermione finally admit her feelings to Draco. I didn’t want her to wait too long, because when you do love someone, it’s hard to keep denying your feelings. And Draco deserved to know at least the one time that she reciprocated his love. Thank you for the review!

@Kayxbear: Draco and Hermione have so much baggage, but both characters are really trying to move beyond the damage of their pasts. I’ve enjoyed writing Draco as a nicer character in this story, with Hermione needing his strength on occasion. She’s certainly not weak, but she does better with Draco’s consistency and generosity. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

@angel0fmusic: You weren’t the only reader who thought the last chapter was signaling the end. Oops! I probably need to go back and adjust the language of the last paragraph of the chapter. Thank you for the sweet review!

@Sherlocked17: I still think the sex scenes are the toughest parts to write, but thank you for the kind feedback. I’ve made myself write lots of sexy parts in this story. J Glad to know it wasn’t too hard to go to the forum to get the review replies. Thank *you* for your reviews!

@General Crow: I do think it’s true that love finds you when you least expect it. And not always with the type of person you envisioned yourself with. However, if he was Orlando Bloom, I think that would be a definite yes! I’m still percolating how to connect Hermione with her parents again, but that is in the near future. Hermione’s parents are reluctant to let her back into their lives, but as you’ve said in previous reviews, there are situations that might force them to accept their help, such as a medical emergency. I’m glad the story and review conversations have given you a measure of peace. Like the great Larry David, I totally believe in sharing with people you don’t see on a daily basis! Thank you for the lovely review and great conversation.

@HarryGinny4eva: I have to admit, I’ve never used the forums before now, but I understand the reasoning. I’m very glad to hear you were able to access it and read the reply without any issues, although I know you’re a pro with this stuff. Hermione took a big step in admitting her feelings, but she has to trust her instincts in regard to Draco. Ah, the Malfoys. I’m not quite sure what I want to do with them, but I don’t want them to be horrible. They’re not as redeemed as Draco, but they want their son to be happy and successful. Maybe they’ll see Hermione as a key to that. As for Luna and Harry, I plan on some interaction with them before they go on Ollivander’s expedition. Draco and Hermione’s relationship has deepened even more since Hermione last saw Harry, so that will be interesting! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review Replies for Chapter 12: Public Declarations

Sorry the replies are a day late, but I wanted to get the new chapter to you lovely folks!

@ Malfoy'sgirl: First of all, happy belated birthday! I hope you had a fantastic day. I like that you urge me to keep on truckin’ with the story. I had been writing the chapter with Narcissa, but your second review made me first chuckle, then hurry to finish the chapter. And believe me, I’m a story stalker, too!

@ Sarah: Thank you for the kind review! I am a compulsive finisher, so I promise this story will get completed and I will try to do so in a timely manner. I think sometimes readers can lose interest if they wait for months between updates. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the story. It’s been fun to write.

@ Sherlocked17: I keep putting myself into Hermione’s shoes while I write the story and I would be quite upset if I had a great opportunity and someone told me I couldn’t take it. Draco has a desire to provide for her, but they don’t have a formal agreement (such as marriage), that would make Hermione comfortable enough to accept his help indefinitely. And even if they were married, I think she’d have still been that upset by the initial way he shut her down. Thanks for the review and especially the support!

@ HG4Eva: I really thought about what Hermione would say about why she was with Draco. For her to confess her love to a crowd would have been outside her comfort zone, but I also wanted her answer to be sincere. That she trusts Draco is love, at least for her. Thank you for the support and the review!

@ General Crow: I really enjoy writing about the financial issues the two of them face. I think it’s realistic within the story and also something most of us will face in our real-life relationships. While Draco was wrong to so quickly dismiss her desire to work, he’s done a lot of right things: not holding money over her head when he wants something from her, paying her tuition in a timely manner, and making sure she has money to use on a day-to-day basis without her resorting to asking him for it. BTW, I just read your new review and I’m sorry your aunt is struggling with her health so much. She’s lucky to have you in her corner.

@ staar: I’m glad you liked the chapter. Thank you for the sweet review!

@ ilariasantaniello: Draco e rapporto di Hermione sta finalmente iniziando a venire insieme , non è vero ? Hanno ancora molta strada da fare , ma credo che lei crede finalmente lui ha intenzioni serie verso di lei . Grazie per il sostegno e la revisione dolce !

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Review Responses for Chapter 13: An Overheard Conversation

@ LadiePhoenix: I don’t know if you’re reading this story, but thank you for the review for Five Days! I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was a fun story to write and seemed to flow, although I’m always trying to improve my writing. :)

@ Malfoy'sgirl: There are times I think it’s okay to have Ron be a jerk in fan fiction, but I kind of liked that the war helped him to realize it was okay to become a loving, reasonable adult. But of the three of them, Ron had the most support to become a functional adult. As for Narcissa, I think she suffered watching her son be used by Voldemort and she would want him to be happy. In her mind, if Draco had to be with a Muggle-born, at least Hermione was brilliant, famous, and respected. She also knows Draco loves his parents, but won’t be used by them again. Thank you for the review and now that we’re moved into the new house, I hope my updates will be more regular!

@ Trelweny: I like the idea that Ron would value family and his connection with Hermione enough to help Lucius Malfoy, who’s always been so horrible to the Weasleys. And I know Lavender died in canon, but I think her effervescent adoration of him would have helped him deal with the gravity of the war and his job as an Auror. In this chapter I have Hermione and Narcissa meet, but there’s some confusion of feelings on Hermione’s part. Draco and Narcissa act reasonably, but their meeting dredges up feelings for Hermione. As in the earlier parts of the fic, she doesn’t always know how to channel her unhappiness and uncertainty. As always, that you for the lovely review!

@ ilariasantaniello: Hehehe , l'ultimo capitolo era una sorta di zuccherino , non è vero ? Il prossimo capitolo potrebbe essere andata in quel modo , ma Hermione non sempre sa come trattare con l'accettazione da parte di persone che pensa dovrebbe odiarla . Grazie per la recensione !

@ Sherlocked17: Thank you! I still intend on adding to your cool round robin story, but my life has been kind of chaotic the past few months. I’m looking forward to things settling down so I can enjoy for writing for longer periods of time.

@ Yoffee: Aww, what a nice compliment! I am having fun writing this story. It would be great to have updates emailed to readers, but I don’t think this site does it. Anyway, thank you for keeping up with the story and for the kind review. :)

@ HarryGinny4eva: I think Narcissa (and maybe Lucius) can put their child’s happiness above blood status. They’ve already lost so much and both parents know Draco’s ties to them are thin after how they let Voldemort treat him. The older Malfoys wouldn’t necessarily have to believe in the equality of “lesser” blood, but they could overlook blood status in favor of more important personal qualities. Thank you for the review!

@ General Crow: There’s a saying, which I’m sure I’m about to mangle, about how you can tell how good someone is by how they treat people who can do nothing for them. I think Lucius, when he really needed the help, was surprised by how kind Ron was to him. After the terrible way Lucius was treated by his side during the war, he might be surprised by how decent those “lesser” people could be. Did you find a place for your aunt? I hope her life is better with consistent care in a facility. Thank you for your review. :)

@ staar: I think Narcissa does know how he feels, but she’ll get Hermione’s perspective on the relationship in this chapter. Thank you for the review!

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Review responses to Chapter 14: Nightmares and Insecurities

Thank you for taking the time to review! It’s so much fun to write and then to hear what you think about the story.

@ starr: These two have a lot of baggage between them! I think for the most part they’ve made huge strides, but then some trigger issue will come up and will throw them off their path. Thanks for the review!

@Malfoy'sgirl: I always wondered after J.K.’s books ended how the Malfoy parents would take their punishment after the war. Would they be bitter? Repentant? In this story, they at least have each other, the comforts of their home, and they know their son is safe even if he is somewhat reluctant to interact with them. I wanted Narcissa to understand the hatred and exclusion her son now faces and appreciate that the woman who should dislike him the most is, in fact, the woman who will give him a chance to prove he isn’t the boy he was. I still have to write Narcissa’s conversation with Lucius about Hermione. I’m percolating that talk in my head. :) Thank you for the review and I’m glad you enjoyed the chapter!

@ ilariasantaniello: Pur sapendo Hermione non vuole Harry romanticamente non si ferma Draco di essere geloso. Penso che se Harry non fosse stato un tale coglione a Hermione , Draco avrebbe perdonato Harry, ma Harry è stato così diffidente e crudele. Draco si preoccupa anche che Hermione lascia la gente trattarla come spazzatura e che erode il progresso che ha fatto con lei. Grazie per la recensione!

@HarryGinny4eva: Though Hermione’s parents have been harsh to her, they’ve had time (a bit less than 2 years) to think about their daughter’s actions. I’ve written them as rigid people, but they still love their child. I’m not sure if they’ll ever be involved in her life the way she wants, but Hermione is learning to make the best of the life she has. BTW, a little Neville/Ginny in this chapter. ;) Thanks for the review!

@ Sherlocked17: Poor Draco, he reverted to his old self for a moment. He really does love Hermione, but she’s not always conscious of what will make him uncomfortable. Even though he started their relationship in a bit of a smarmy way, in general he’s been really decent. Thank you for the review!

@General Crow: The story is quickly coming to a place where Hermione and Draco have to make a decision about how their relationship will progress. I think over the course of their time together, Draco has been surprised by Hermione’s desire to pay her own way. The issue has been confused because of their relationship becoming romantic. As for the issue of her parents, in this chapter she finally goes to Australia to try to get them to speak to her. Chapter 15 just touches on how the trip will pan out, but I felt that I needed to dedicate more time to the Grangers in the next few chapters. I don’t think Hermione needs everything to be perfect with her parents, but she does need them to at least hear what she has been trying to tell them all these months. Thank you for the lovely review!

@Trelweny: Hermione’s made great strides in her well-being and mental health, but she could benefit from dealing directly with the trauma of her torture. She’s thought about seeing a mental health professional, but has not seen one yet. Hermione hasn’t discussed it in any detail with her friends and any discussion she has with Draco about that night is fraught with guilt on his part. Thank you for reading and your review!

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Guest Angel Davis

Love this story so different from others I have read. Draco actually cares for Hermione, in other stories I've read he's more forecful with her but in this one you can actually see where his true feelings are. Very well written can't wait to see what happens next!

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Review responses to Chapter 15: Missing You

Thank you to those lovely readers (AngelDavis, susanmarier, ilariasantaniello, Malfoy’sgirl, starr, Trelweny, Sherlocked17, Elettra21, HarryGinny4eva, and General Crow) who wrote reviews for the last chapter.

@AngelDavis: After my last story where Draco is emotionally stunted and still somewhat prejudiced, I wanted this Draco to be more of an adult and to have been changed for the better by the war. Thank you for the review!

@susanmarier: Thank you for the review! There are a few more chapters before the end. In this story, Draco and Ron are changed by the war. They still have their own personality quirks, but they’re better people after the hardships they’ve endured.

@ilariasantaniello: Hermione dovette provare con i suoi genitori . Il loro rapporto era tale peso impedendole godendo la sua vita , la sua libertà , e l'amore che si è sviluppato tra lei e Draco . Sono contento che ti è piaciuto il capitolo e spero che vi piaccia il prossimo ! :)

@Malfoy'sgirl: I love that you wait for each chapter to post! What a compliment. J Poor Hermione, she’s had such a weight on her preventing her from being able to love like she should. She needs resolution with her parents, even if the result isn’t an ideal relationship. And Draco needs to know where he stands. Thank you for continuing to read and review.

@starr: I wasn’t sure if Draco should have ended up in Australia or if Hermione should have dealt with her parents alone, but ultimately I thought she would need his support. He’d been so integral to helping her heal and he’s truly hurt that she didn’t want him to join her. More of the Granger parent interaction in this chapter. Thank you for the review!

@Trelweny: Ginny and Neville, hehehe. In my mind he pines for her and it takes her time to realize he’s this great guy, but when she does, boy, she can’t keep her hands off of him! As for Draco joining Hermione in Australia, I felt that Charlotte and Benjamin Granger had each other for support and Hermione needed support, too. It certainly made the situation more balanced for her. Thank you for your continued support!

@Sherlocked17: Aww, you are too sweet! I cannot imagine Draco and Hermione being smooth and easy, there’s just too much weird history for them not to be awkward. Thank you for the review, my friend!

@Elettra21: Thank you! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the story. J

@HarryGinny4eva: Sometimes (but not always) Draco knows what Hermione needs before she does, as was the case with Australia. He knew she’d need his support, but he had to respect her desire to reconcile with her parents alone. She can be a bit slow on the emotional front! Thank you for the lovely review!

@General Crow: Oh my, a one year old brother? You are right, things certainly happen in their own time and it’s sometimes much faster or slower than we expect. Ginny and Neville had a relationship forged during the fire of the war and those bonds can be the strongest. Her youth and infatuation with Harry prevented her from seeing Neville as a potential partner until Harry finally showed her he wasn’t the perfect hero and boyfriend she had been dreaming of for so many years. I’m glad the last chapter hit the right notes for you with Hermione and her dad. I didn’t want their interaction to be too easy, but I think enough time has passed for Benjamin Granger to begin to forgive his daughter. The new chapter has some interesting interaction between D, H, and the Granger parents. Thank you as always for the thoughtful reviews and your support for the story!

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Review Responses to Chapter 16: A Cautious Reconciliation

Thank you all for the reviews! I think this story was so fun to write because of all the great conversation I’ve had about it.

@Malfoy'sgirl: Hermione’s parents in this story are the kind of overachieving, controlling parents that I imagine she might have had. I wanted her to reconcile with them, but have a reason to keep some distance from them. The Grangers just don’t get that their daughter fought in a horrible war and might never understand the devastation she suffered. Thank you for the review!

@LemurGirl: I’m so glad you’re enjoying the story! The last couple of chapters dealing with her parents had to be bittersweet, in my view. I wanted Hermione to have some resolution with them, but I didn’t want them to do a 180 degree turn and absolutely change how they treated her. Draco being there did create some complications with her parents, but I think she was better off with his support. Thanks so much for the review!

@HarryGinny4eva: Hermione has certainly received the love she needed from Draco, but I think what she offered Draco was a true relationship where she accepted his faults and allowed him to see her true self. Romance is the best, isn’t it? Thank you for the review!

@Trelweny: When I wrote Hermione’s parents, I considered that they would still think of her as a very young adult who needed their guidance. I think when someone goes through something as traumatic as what Hermione did, it often creates a chasm between the person and their loved ones. Family and friends want to continue to treat the person in the same way with minor acknowledgement that something has happened to change the world for the effected person. Since the Grangers are Muggles, it was even harder for them to understand what Hermione went through. So with the estrangement with her parents and distance from her friends, it makes what Hermione has with Draco something to treasure. Thank you for the awesome review!

@MargeW76: What a sweet review! The way their relationship has evolved in the story has been both spurred on and complicated by the deal they agreed to at the beginning. Draco wants things to stay the same, while Hermione wants to feel like she’s his equal. Thank you for the great review, truly, it was just so nice to read. :)

@Sherlocked17: Thank you! The sexy parts are always a little awkward for me to write, but practice makes perfect, right? Ah, the Grangers. In my imagination, they would be somewhat self-righteous and angry about the Obliviation, but have love for their daughter. They just don’t know her as an adult who has faced insurmountable odds and still overcome them. Thank you for the review, sweet friend!

@starr: I think you will get your wish in this new chapter! Yes, Hermione’s parents are redeemable, but also infuriating. I wanted her to be able to move on, which she couldn’t do without having real conversations with them. At least they gave her that. Thank you for the review!

@pickles: Hermione needed some resolution with her parents in order to move on. I think her eyes were opened about her parents and now she can approach her relationship with them with a grain of salt. Draco will help her remember that her life as a war heroine and a witch has changed her from the girl her parents think they know. Thank you for the review!

@General Crow: Eight siblings? Wow! You totally have the Weasleys beat. I wanted the last two chapters to show readers that while Hermione could begin to patch up her relationship with her parents, she would never have the closeness she remembered as a child and her parents didn’t have the same daughter they knew before the war. But that’s okay for Hermione because she has love and support from Draco, even though their relationship isn’t perfect. Because relationships develop over time and good ones adapt as people change. In my humble opinion. :) Thank you so much for the awesome review. I think you will see some of your predictions come to fruition in the new chapter.

@FieryPhoenix: I’m so glad the chemistry between H&D has come through. Thank you so much for the review!

@Christopher: I agree, Hermione absolutely did her best for her parents. Though they continued to try to make her feel guilty for what she did, I wanted her to tell them under no uncertain terms that she would do it again if she had to. The reason I wrote them as so difficult is that I wanted to show, by contrast, that often the people who love and accept you for who your are aren’t your family or even your parents. I hope the next chapter is a little nicer to read, as some other things are resolved. Thank you for the review!

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Review Responses to Chapter 17: A New Proposal

Thank you lovely people for your reviews! That you’ve taken the time to share your thoughts and feelings with me has been so uplifting.

@starr: Draco would have wanted to cement their relationship a lot sooner, but Hermione was not ready. But I felt like she was by the time I wrote Chapter 17. Thank you for the review!

@ Malfoy'sgirl: I’m kind of sad to be ending the story, but I always worry about dragging it out. Getting them to the point where they became equal was difficult, but I knew it had to happen before I ended the story. There’s a letter from Luna that should help give an indication as to what happened with her and Harry and I put in a bit about the other characters I’ve included in the story. Thanks so much for the review!

@ pickles: I have this theory that if I make a big deal about something or plan it too much, it will fail. I do like to be prepared, but then I let luck do some of its work to make things happen. I wanted the proposal to be part preparation (Draco and Hermione building a loving, trusting relationship), but some luck (window shopping and the magic of a perfect engagement ring). I’m glad you liked it! Thank you for the review!

@Victoria: I front-loaded some friction in this story, so that by the end things smoothed out for Draco and Hermione. They did the hard work of healing and learning to love and it has paid off. Thank you for the lovely review!

@Sherlocked17: Thank you for the encouragement! I agree that a fun romance story has both a meaningful relationship and great chemistry in the sack for the characters. And, yes, the dirty talk. I need more of that. ;) Thank you for the review!

@ Trelweny: I really thought about what would make the story conclude in a way that was both realistic and didn’t screw over either character and I felt that if they were both in the same position as teaching assistants, their relationship would become much more equitable. Of course Draco will always be in a better position financially, but that doesn’t mean he can’t work and live amongst the other students. He was holding onto the idea that he needed to be a Malfoy and live better than everyone else, when in reality, that only made it harder for Hermione to be at home in his fancy flat. Let’s see what you think of this chapter… Thank you for the review!

@General Crow: I remember you said many chapters back that Draco would have married her and I think that was absolutely right, but she was such an emotional mess when their relationship began. It took all these months for her to understand her own worth and to mend relationships with her parents and Harry. Not to be too corny, but she really needed forgive herself for her actions and hardships instead of blaming herself for other people’s prejudices and fears (her parents) and anger (Harry). I wonder if part of growing up is breaking from parents. You were young to lose the relationship with your dad, but did it make you grow up faster or was it an inhibitor to the process of becoming an adult? I know for many people it can go either way. As for your aunt, I’m glad she is doing better and is feeling hopeful. Thank goodness things are starting to look up for her. Thank you for your lovely review!

@CursedArtemus: Aww, thank you! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the story.

@ ilariasantaniello: Trovare un amore come il loro sarebbe una cosa meravigliosa, non sarebbe? Questa è la cosa che preferisco di storie di romanticismo, la possibilità di un amore così appassionato e appagante, rende le persone coinvolte in persone migliori. Grazie per la vostra dolce opinione!

@HarryGinny4eva: I’m kind of sad the story is ending, too, but I felt like the natural conclusion was there and I didn’t want to overstay my welcome. You’ve been so sweet about this story! Thank you for your support. :)

@Mocha Midnight: Finally, right?! Lol. It took a while to get to the point where I even thought Hermione might entertain the idea of marriage. Thank you for the review!

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Review Responses to Chapter 18: The Dragon Who Loved the Swan

Why are you guys so awesome, hmm? But you are, so thank you for your reviews.

@ flubberyflobberworms: I can understand how the premise of the story could be weird at first, but I wanted a situation in which Draco would do almost anything to get and keep Hermione. And although he takes advantage of her situation, he treats her well and with the kind of care she desperately needs. Towards the end of their deal he worried that she would move on, not wanting to feel like she always owed him, but by that point in the story they’re in love and she chooses to stay with him. I’m so glad you enjoyed the story! Thank you for the sweet review.

@Anna: What an incredibly flattering review! It was such a fun story to write and honestly, I’m a bit sad to end it. Thank you for the lovely review.

@Luvtracker: I’m not sure if you’ll check this, but I wanted to thank you for the review for It’s Not Over. :)

@General Crow: Thank you for sharing your family information. Your experiences are different than mine and you’ve offered me a new, fresh perspective. Mostly, I just want to thank you for the rich, entertaining conversations as I’ve written this story. Your astute comments have helped me develop my plot and characters. I have an idea for a new story and I’ll start it soon. It will be different, the concept will be interesting, I think. Take care, my friend! <3

@Malfoy'sgirl: I, too, am kind of sad the story is ending! While I was writing the epilogue I kept going and going and actually had to cut a bit. But now that so many of their issues are resolved, I feel okay letting the characters go. Thank you for your consistent comments throughout the story. You always made me chuckle, urging me to update. I am percolating an idea for a new story where Draco’s a magical mortician (!). Is that too crazy? I think it will be unusual, but I have some ways it will tie into how I understand the HP books. Again, thank you for all your sweet reviews! Take care. <3

@ Trelweny: Thank you for persevering and rewriting your review! I debated having D & H stay in their beautiful flat or moving to a campus apartment, but ultimately I thought they needed a fresh start where they would be equals. Draco was willing to make that sacrifice to further their relationship. Well, I wanted to thank you for your wonderful, insightful comments and conversations throughout this story. It was always such a pleasure to read what your thoughts were about a chapter. You helped me to write a better story, I can assure you! Take care, friend. <3

@ HarryGinny4eva: Hermione went on an emotional journey in this story, surprisingly with Draco as her guide. When I started the story, I knew I wanted him to end up being wonderful, but he started in a way reminiscent of the Draco Malfoy from the books, scheming to get what he wanted. You’ve been such a great cheerleader for this story, so thank you! Your ideas and encouraging reviews helped me to flush out my plot and the intentions of the characters and keep on writing. Take care, friend. <3

@starr: Your reviews have been so enthusiastic and sweet throughout the story, so I have to thank you for being a wonderful supporter! Take care, friend. <3

@ Sherlocked17: The girls were definitely naughty at the shower, weren’t they? Wouldn’t a wizarding sex book be awesome? A girl can wish, hehehe. I have an idea for a new story. It’ll be a bit darker, but still erotic romance. Draco will have knowledge of magical burial rights and he will have to help the wizarding world bury their dead after the Battle of Hogwarts. I think it might be cool…Anyway, thank you for your support throughout all my stories! I always look forward to your encouragement and our conversations. Take care, friend! <3

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Guest sherlocked17

Thanks for your kind words and your heads up about the tumble page, that's so cool!

Looking forward to a darker Draco *squeals*.

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