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Okay, I honestly don't remember much of this one, or even where I read it. Hopefully I can remember enough that someone will recognize it.

In this story Remus was in a relationship with Tonks, but didn't want to be. I don't remember how they got together, but he stayed with her because she told him that she was pregnant. In one scene Harry doubted her story and asked her if he could cast a spell to see if the baby was healthy (I think that what he asked her). After the spell was cast, her belly glowed and turned black!?!? She got upset, saying that Harry had killed her baby. I think that Molly was there and she got angry at Tonks, saying that spell would only make a woman's belly turn black if she's not pregnant and had never been pregnant... I don't remember anything else really, but I think Remus starts dating either Severus or Sirius (I can't remember which one).

Does anyone recognize this story? If you do, could you let me know the Title, Author and the Site and (or) Sites it is posted! Please and Thank You!?! :)

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