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SasuNaru(Sasu)....Japanese Rockstar, American Stripper

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Guest NyQuil

So I'm looking for a story (I have the worst memory with titles) and it's a SasuNaru(Sasu) [and that's in parentheses because it's more insinuated that Sasuke is more likely to top...more often than Naruto would in this story.] It's only at 3 chapters so far and it is a AU & WIP. I forgot who the author is but Sasuke is a guitarist in this really popular band - and I don't really remember or think his bandmates were fully introduced yet so I can't say exactly who they are; I think Shikamaru is one of the band members though...or a friend of his he met up with at one point - and Naruto is a half American stripper attending the American campus of a Japanese university....something like that...or maybe it's the other way around. Sasuke starts visiting the establishment where Naruto dances - Kakashi is the manager - and confides in Naruto some of his stress of not being able to be openly gay because of how it could affect the band he's with. Naruto tells Sasuke he recognizes him and Sasuke flips out. They later run into each other on accident at a magazine stand and Sasuke threatens to call the police and get a restraining order because he thinks Naruto is stalking him to blackmail him and Naruto sets him straight immediately that he's not the first (and won't be the last) celebrity to set foot into where he works so Sasuke needs to get over himself and stop thinking everybody is out to get something from him. They wind up talking and hanging out the whole day/night and end up at Sasuke's apartment where they both admit a mutual attraction that goes beyond being a client and providing a service.

If anyone has any idea what I'm talking about please respond =). I'm trying to go through all the pages here to find it and when I use the search with the keywords I remember it's not coming up so I'm assuming I'm missing something important OR - and I hope it's not this - it's been removed. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks so much.

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