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Weeks 142/143 7 July 2013

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Pen Name: . Anesor
Story Link: . The Queen's Audience

Review Replies: . Replies to the Griffin's Walk Story
Type of Fic: . FlashFic
Rating: . Adult
Fandom: . Games > A-F > Dragon Age Origins

Pairing: . Cousland/Alistair

Warnings: . Angst, M/F, WIP, ChallengeFIC, NoSex

Chapter 7 of Griffin's Walk. Queen Anora gained the throne in her own right during the Blight when the last Grey Wardens, Attryne Cousland and Alistair MacTherein, defeated the archdemon. Now she has summoned one of the greater nobles to a private audience. But how long does the gratitude of kings protect even the Hero of Ferelden?

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Pen name: Pittwitch

Story: Where Faeries Live Still


Prompt: Indigo

Rating: Adult ++

fandom: Original

Pairings: various, all original characters

Warnings: this prompt - no sex, AFFO, dysfunctional mother/daughter bonding

Edited by pittwitch

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