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For GeorgeGlass’ comments on Mabel Pines Saves Christmas!:

I’ve always been rather pleased with how this one came together, so I’m very glad that you found it fun! :)

Rest assured, a Northwest always collects on her debts. That three-way is coming like a freight train...a very slow freight train that’s made a lot of unexpected stops and detours, but is definitely on its way! Trust me, there are good reasons for this chapter coming first. ;)  The long delay in between...not so much. But it’s definitely on the horizon!

Mabel is just 100% pleasure to write, or at least that what I found. And her misinterpreting Wendy’s Christmas feast, her festive underwear, her afterglow lines, it’s all just so fun and full of that essential ‘Mabel-ness.’ It makes me very happy to know that you got a kick out of her in this as well. ^_^

As for Wendy, yeah, her confession about missing her younger bod is the kind of thing that hits some particularly high notes for me as well...great minds think alike and all that. :P That little revelation is also one of the reasons for not diving right back into Pacifica & Dipper that I mentioned. 

Well, I do feel like I’ve got a bit of fire lit underneath me to come back to this story now. (Famous last words) But whenever the next part does come out, I hope you’ll enjoy it as well! (It’s actually a New Year’s Eve story, but I refuse to be a slave to the calendar! :P )

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For GeorgeGlass' comments on Attack of the Perilous Pumpkin Patch Girls! and A Fairy for Gloomsville:

Well gosh, thanks for dusting these two old stories off and giving them a read! ^_^ I really appreciate it! 

As far as the ‘Black Pumpkin’ stories go...if I’m remembering correctly (and goodness knows, it’s been awhile!) at least Jayrich and Nurse Katie contributed to that particular Writer’s Jam as well. In fact, in addition to an official entry, NK wrote a pretty hilarious prologue for it, set in Regular Show. Light on the sexual action, as I recall, but very funny. But I don’t know if either of them posted up their contributions anywhere but on wwoec. *moment of silence*

Younger lolis with babyfat boobies are a particular favorite of mine, so I’m right with you on that one. :shifty: Kendall is one of my very favorite lolis...she’d probably be even higher on my list if she’d gotten more screentime, but, alas… Anyway, she definitely strikes me as the kind of girl who’d seek out ‘accidental’ stimulation from the dryer or wherever, rather than stoop to actually just playing with herself. ;) Unlike Jackie, who probably has remarkably strong forearm and finger strength in addition to her overall stalker physique! 

I’m glad you liked Kick’s one-liner. That’s the kind of thing a Kick story just has to have, you know? 

(And thanks for not calling me out on the, ahem, cameos...it was in style and not at all played out at the time, I swear!) 

I always thought of Fairy for Gloomsville as one of my sillier stories, but it was an awful lot of fun to write, way back when! Honestly, looking back on it, Ruby and Desiree’s little exchange is probably my favorite part of it, so it makes me so happy to know you liked those lines as well! :blush: Turning Ruby into a semi-willing dominatrix and Iris into her very willing victim seemed to fit both characters, but especially thrill-seeking Iris! If you wanna spank that little cyclops, she’s got no time for you to feel bad about it, she just wants the spanking! XD 

At any rate, again, I really do appreciate hearing your thoughts on these old stories. Looking over them myself, I’d have to call them ‘shaky’ at least in terms of overall writing quality, but it’s absolutely lovely to hear that you still found them entertaining! Thank you so much! :)

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I just sifted through my saved files but found only incomplete drafts of Jayrich's & Nurse Katie's submissions. Sadly it was the collapse of WWOEC that made me more careful about saving copies of everything I participated in or reviewed.

Nurse Katie is still somewhat active on Palcomix and may be willing to share. As for Jayrich, unfortunately, he hasn't made an appearance in years. :( I do have an old e-mail address for him that I can try if either of you would like.

EDIT: Oh, Jayrich has an account here too, but I can’t find it there. (According to my old notes the story he was working on was never finished. )

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