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Is it okay to use the original dialog?

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I'm writing a fan fic called Hermione, where Hermione is actually a pure-blood spy name Lyra and is pretending to be a Muggleborn. She's suppose to get close to Harry and find out information about him. The beginning chapters are my original work about how Lyra becomes Hermione and then afterward I plan on the chapters being about each of the books. I've started with Sorcerer's Stone, which I wrote in Hermione's p-o-v. She's describing what Harry and Ron's doing, what's happening from the beginning of Sorcerer's Stone to the end.

I know it's still plagiarism but I need certain parts in my story. At the end of each chapter I wrote my theories and explanations about certain sections of the HP books. (I took my author's note out of my chapters in AFF because someone pm me and said I can't post those up and go to the forums if I really want to talk about my theories. My theories are still in FF account, though.)

I want to show all the possibilities of what could have happened if Hermione/Lyra was a pure blood, super genius. Almost everything that has happened in the book, she made it happened one way or another and she's pretending to be dense in certain areas.

I copied most of the original dialog and events from the book but took out Harry's p-o-v and replace them with Hermione's. Hermione's p-o-v is completely different from Harry's, since she was raise by pure-bloods, she's racist towards Muggleborns and blood traitors. Her p-o-v is sort of mean, because she often insults the other character's in her thoughts and pretends to be this bookworm on the outside.

I want your opinion. Should I not use the original dialong and make it fully Hermione's p-o-v for it to not be considered plagiarism?

Here are the links:

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In order to be able to use dialogue from the Harry Potter books, what we require is that you cite the original work from which you've taken the dialogue at the end of each of your chapters. For example, you might have something like this:

Some dialogue taken from JK Rowling's "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" - Chapter 1

This identifies the actual author of the dialogue as well as the source material. You might even want to do what some authors have done and bold-face the dialogue taken from the book to clearly identify it.

Please keep in mind that you do need to include your own writing as well in each chapter. Merely copying a chapter from the original books and changing names to change POV does not constitute enough original content to make this a fanfiction.

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