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Help Please and Thank You

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ok for some reason i keep remembering all these old stories i read and try as i might i cant find them.

one is crossover iy/yuyu its in present time kagome has absorbed naraku but has no memories of the past. she runs in to yusuke and she starts calling him an igit. King Enma is posing as her uncle and two creepy little kids near the end call her mother. Enma tells kagome how she made the 3 worlds and was a stone statue for several hundred years. this one is incomplete and i know i read it on or

another is a sesskag its very old. all i remember is kagome is with sess and they go to the central lands which is ruled by dear youkai and a crane youkai is there. Kagome talks with the crane and ends up wanting to answer a question from him, if she gets it wrong his powers will take her soul and kill her. the crane doesn't want her to try cause he doesn't want to kill her, and the whole question thing is part of a legend that she talks with him about. she answers right. this one too is incomplete, i read it here on

thanks for any and all help ^_^

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