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  1. yamiyo

    sessh and kags

  2. could this be it http://inu.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=544204706 its a bit different then what you posted but its the only story i can think of that fits.
  3. yamiyo

    sess kag fic

    no problem happy to help
  4. yamiyo

    sess kag fic

    this is the only story i know that sounds even slightly like what your looking for http://dokuga.com/spark/story/7398/1 i'll look a bit more and see what i can find in case this isnt it.
  5. yamiyo


    the only story i can think of that matches is this one http://inu.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600092324 if this isn't it can you give a few more details
  6. yamiyo

    old one-shot

    This is a really old one-shot i know i read it on aff.net. it starts with kakashi getting a note from sakura about a camping trip with them 7 to catch up since they havent seen each other in years. kakashi is the first one there then naruto who has grown and matured. the sasuke and sakura show up. sakura is a total flirt, and sasuke has started to wear glasses. sasuke pisses sakura off and gets his ass handed to then while naurto sighs and shakes his head and kakashi's jaws drop. sakura and sasuke go off do the nasty come back to camp and get all cuddly with each other and kakashi no longer knows what to think about them. thanks for any help YT
  7. http://groups.yahoo.com/adultconf?dest=%2Fgroup%2FDanysFics%2F just give her your birthdate so she knows your of age.
  8. yamiyo


    First thanks for reading and any help given. 2nd the story i'm looking for is several years old I believe, and it is on Aff.net <- I know that as a fact. Key points in to story -inu leaves kagome with sess while he goes to kill naraku (sango and miroku are dead i believe) -sess and kag start falling in love -inu comes back and is almost a fully demon because of some trap of naraku's -kagome see's inu and sess mating -inu mates with kagome 1st the sess -in one seen sess teachs kags the differance between fucking and making love. thats all i really remember ^_^ ^_^ Yamiyo
  9. yamiyo


    wow cant believe i cant find this story. It was complete i know it was on dokuga.com kikyo trys to kags again fails and instead turns her into a kid. sess find her and takes care of her. rin gets jealous and takes it out on kags. kags is scared of inu likes jaken and koga. Inupapa is alive. and kags like tigger and bouncing on people, so she was really happy to meet 2 tiger youkai that came to talk to inupapa. thank for any help YT
  10. Its Winds Of Change by KogasAngel Here it is on dokuga you can also find it Aff. http://dokuga.com/spark/story/1876/1
  11. Thats It!! Thanks So much!!!!!
  12. i think this is the story your looking for http://inu.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600090418
  13. Ok the things i remember. It was written for a challenge Its was on dokuga (i'm 95% sure on that) Kikyo was with Inu and cousin to Kags Rin was a adult with a major crush on Sess and Kag was you cousin/best friend Hojo was in love with Rin Jaken used a spell called RH (I think) to get rin to love hojo but Sess and Kags fall into it Rin yells at kag saying its her fault and kikyo helps kags Sess pretended to be Kags internet gal pal Inu laughs when he finds out the above say he knew Sess was on the make when he retired his mistresses Oh yea there's a lemon too Thanks For reading and any help YT
  14. yamiyo

    hellsing Fic

    well thanks for looking. i found a few good stories while i was checking other sites for it. i'm starting to think it was removed.
  15. yamiyo

    hellsing Fic

    no thats not it. it was 10+ chapters i think
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