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Guest Tina109

Hi this is just a fic search since I can not fine it on fanfiction . net

Here are the details:

It is an InuYasha/Kagome paring I believe it is complete but I could be wrong, Kagome had finish the hunt for the Jewels shards and won the fight against Naraku then Kagome disappear and InuYasha had the jewel in his hand he wish where his friends could have his demon power the good part not the bad.

500 years later Kagome has been back in her time for about a year and she'd had left her stuff there but now she is in collage where her room mate looks exactly like Sango and her brother looks like Miroku well Kagome found out that they are Miroku and Sango's children and that InuYasha,Miroku,Sess,Koga and I believe Shippo are in a band then towards the end InuYasha and Kagome had gotten married.


DeathStars (fanfiction . net)

Tina109 (adultfanfiction . net)

I had found it is called The One who Heals my Heart by Arrianna on fanfiction . net

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