Basic CORE disclaimer

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for bands/groups of people/celebs, individual people

Example -- This is a work of fiction! I do not know {CELEBRITY}, and I do not profit from these writings.

You'll notice there are THREE elements which must be present.

  1. The work is fiction
  2. Affiliation/knowledge of the person(s), individually
    THIS MEANS the band/group/person(s) MUST be named
  3. No making any profit in any form for this fiction.

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How you do that, is in the field, input - See Full disclaimer below

Then, for each chapter, you have your disclaimer as the first part of the story, and as you need to add names, you do.

Now, if the reason is just to make a verbose disclaimer which simply won't fit in to the field, input - See full disclaimer below, Chapter 1.

As long as there are no changes to people involved and what not, it only needs to appear in the one chapter.

Technically, that part really only applies to standard fanfiction, as with real person based fiction with many people, your disclaimer and it's needs are going to be very fluid, depending on if you're adding more to your story or not. Which is why you'd simply copy/paste from your first chapter, insert it to the next chapter and make additions as needed.

We even had one author who was adding/deleting people as she went. So, what she did, was put the disclaimer at the end of her last chapter, and used the field to tell us that's where it was. A bit unusual for placement, but certainly workable. ;)

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It seems to me the actual question here is whether or not we’ll allow you to post your Patreon link. Semantics and personal views on celebrity fiction aside, we don’t allow Patreon links in stories or profiles. That part is actually rather straightforward, and not subject to negotiation. 

However, a celebrity’s public persona and image can be deemed to be a form of copyrighted material, since they derive their income from their person itself. Celebrity impersonators use characteristics in a manner which supports the parody provisions of the Fair Use portion of the copyright laws. You can find a discussion of Fair Use here. In subsequent sections, it does address instances where fair use involving actors is discussed.

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