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  1. What’s up with the humongous increase in spam in the forums lately (last 3-4 weeks)? I’m seeing a dozen or more reports a day, and that’s just the stuff that’s being reported. Has something changed in our software that’s no longer protecting as well, or are the spammers just working harder (awww)?
  2. "Saving His Soul" is posted in Twilight > Gen as 600093877 and in Twilight > AU as 600094310. believe it really belongs in AU.
  3. Duplicate account / duplicate story postings — author “desire” has 2 accounts (1) and (2) with the same story (different IDs) posted in each account (1) (2)
  4. Mamacita

    duplicate story

    Even Dirtier Girls 35088 —duplicate of story 35087 —possibly the reviews could be merged so none are lost? don't know what you do about that
  5. ANs as chapters: Mistaken (544191789) - p.4 is AN only, not a chapter More than friends (32822), p.9 is AN only, not a chapter Backstage (600000136) - p.1 is an AN not a chapter Make us it, make us hit, makes us scene (600090133) - page 3 AN only, not a chapter. she says this same non-chapter is in all her stories so i checked and it is also in 544216850 - page 5 544214411 - page 5 544213374 - page 7 REVIEWS: Warmth on a chill september day (544204140): Comment by author, ID 2035483080 Non-review response, ID 2035483090 Non-review response, ID 2035499130 Non-review response, ID 2035510314 Scared (544192217): some bizarro character problems in ID 2035380451 Hurt (600090132): OK to post non-english reviews? if not, ID 3000014431 Singled out and forgotten by god (600005407); Flame ??? ID 3000012198 Response to reviewer, ID 3000012201 I don't want you to love me (600090242): Not really a review but a suggestion on where to post story (???), ID 3000015088
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    Celeb - Misc

    Celebs - Misc/General,p p.14-10 Kyle Murray’s real life anal adventure (544196748) - SQUISHED Young offender (544195026) - SQUISHED? not sure if they just put in hard line breaks A friend in need (28117) - STRETCHED, but only in page 1 prelim info Randomness (6076) - STRETCHED Apollo has 2 daddies (544206852), SQUISHED Skye, the last prince of the vampires (544205074), SQUISHED pp.1-5 and 7-8, also much HTML coding text pp.1-5 and 7-8 A flash of teens (1296) - p.5 wordord Hurt (600090132) - p.2 SQUISHED Coin Operated Boy (600050059) - p.1 is just notes, should be incorporated into top of p.2 Passion ch 2 - riding the bull (600050096) - should be incorporated in same story as ch.1 (600050065) Danielle’s Horrible Afternoon (600005393) - SQUISHED<br style=""> <br style="">
  7. New Girl in Town, 600094252 warned 6/17/10 • review ID 3000039112 is the author ASKING FOR REVIEWS, delete
  8. You'll See, 600094163 warned 6/17/10 • following review IDs are dialogue between two of the reviewers and have no bearing on this story: 3000039117 — 3000039119 — 3000039176 — 3000039268 — • ID 3000039137 is "hi", not a review • most of the reviews by Gasps of Misery and Zynda, if not solely dialogue between the two of them rather than reviews of this story, are at least partially that. and reviews of each other's story, not this one! Hurt So Good, 6000093583 • review ID 3000038044 isn't a review, as the reviewer clearly states she has not yet read the story but is "reviewing now in case i forget". um...i dunno, how weird! is that really a review? You Want It, 600094494 warned 6/17/10 • review ID 3000040329 was mistakenly entered by author, delete The Rise and Fall of Aro, 600094545 warned 6/17/10 • review ID 3000040573, author reply, not a review, delete
  9. GLITCHES: Cartoons / Misc Cartoons / Het Best birthday...ever! 600091672 —DISCLAIMER is missing the no-profit clause. posted review asking author to correct this and giving URL for DG’s post on “what is needed in a disclaimer”. Arthur and hazel 600091462 —DISCLAIMER does not state name of fandom although the rest of it is fine. Brother 600091420 —DISCLAIMER does not state name of fandom although the rest of it is fine. GLITCHES: Cartoons / Misc Cartoons / Slash Cummin' home 600091978 —DISCLAIMER doesn’t contain specific “i do not own this fandom/characters” language. is mention of the copyright being owned by its owner enough? This party was boring, and now he was so horny 600091610 —DISCLAIMER doesn’t mention specific fandom but is otherwise OK. Easy as beer o'clock 600091543 —DISCLAIMER doesn’t mention specific fandom but is otherwise OK.
  10. When She Loves Me...;no=544187312 • Rev #3, anon # 2035440370 – not really a review...borderline flame? or not serious enough?
  11. Dirty Little Secret • first/only review - pretty much a flame!
  12. Mamacita

    wordord etc.

    GLITCHES: Cartoons / Misc Cartoons / AU Swan Princess 600091903 —I think this belongs under Movies. It’s animated, but it’s a single movie, not a serial cartoon. Courage the cowardly dog’s doggie love 600091569 —POSSIBLE MINOR. Seriously, I think a kid wrote this. The only 2 stories s/he has are for cartoons, and the writing style is extremely juvenile. Maybe worth checking DOB on account. GLITCHES: Cartoons / Misc Cartoons / Crossovers Batman meets sailor pluto 4989 Ch 1 — • Sailor Plut> • fan shn show • From:ce Wce Wayne Ch 2 — • just to mto dto do Ch 4 — • md itd it? Ch 5 — • does neis ris rest • wared red or Ch 6 — • [in ending AN] Givesomesome Ch 7 — • thave bve been • andl hel her • shuld uld feel • wnot not ... tol wil with • knherehere Ch 8 — • I c tel tell you • youl nol not • “Y “You will Ch 10 — • aske the they • thengs ngs she • Brucked.ked. • one one that • “T “Trista • he ced hed her • andn jun just • in ase.ase. Ch 11 — • thaowerower • startedget get • when elt elt his Les be friends & go homo 14446 • clothere fre folded • somewhajectjected • Iughtught • matcmatching • “No”No, it’s • she she was a —at the line “OH YES! Nigger wanna watermelon?” text turns to bold and remains bold to end of chapter. remove bold, i think it was an accident as there’s no reason for it. • arguingeakieaking • play witem. [para] em. [para] She then • ich och other’s • fhe fhe four • Urara ver very • KCherCherry • r thr that • taintain Ted’s • througe woe woods The strongest soldier in the world 11512 —STRETCHED • do yet tet the • get the the Psionic ranma 9276 Menu 1 — • reakreakfast • a toa to scowl • A’s o’s older • doesnnow now • to get e hae has • [in ending AN] firormaormal Menu 2 — • Hell rll remembers • tw you you • ry gry good • two ou wou will • two two one pair • two to sto shave • ond gnd get me • learom rom her • Ukyo9;”R9;”Ran-chan • therll bll be a • mRanmRamna Timmy's prom night 7401 —3 sentences, less than 50 words including the title. that’s all there is! is this really considered a story? (from 2003, so unlikely to be updated) —it’s not a crossover as it stands but just Fairly Odd Parents —POSSIBLE MINOR, seems quite likely this is a kid writing —if it is going to stay: Mastery 5295 • ehad had • dealwithwith • tighrclercle • Wi With another • raciThisThis • intm. Sm. Sweat • fuckmter.ter Mercanaries and Assassins 629 —Ch 1 an UN-CHAPTER, author note only, delete —Chs 2, 3 SQUISHED Ch 2 — • Tieryiery pre>predator • ave ave faith • withcerncern • Kemethmething Ch 3 — • shutig iig idiot Ch 4 — • portraye [para] Ay [para] Aya opened • reaching to to every • hdragdragged • habits arrd trd to • the strai [para] Sq [para] Squall • patienc had had • lacking in thata. [para] a. [para] Both waiting • Ketrontrong Rin [i think that K-word is a wordord] My life - my own personal hell 3284 Ch 1 — • TETAINTAIN [should be TEAR STAIN] Ch 3 — • teaeakeeaked • everyone!tilltill Dogmageddon: the dogfight to end all dogfights 2709 —SQUISHED • [in beginning AN] (a Road Rs/Ros/Rover • shd, ad, and GLITCHES: Cartoons / Misc Cartoons / General The weekenders: Gordian knot 600091523 —3 chapters: 2 het, 1 threesomes. have marked it as a threesome since that’s the higher “warning” of the 2 i think? It's what's inside that counts 600091374 —billed as a CROSSOVER, but for the life of me i can’t see with what. i’d bill it as het. Anthan 600091092 —Ch 3 is an UN-CHAPTER, an author note, delete Dojo relations 600090967 —billed as General but contains both MF and FF. have marked it as femslash since that seems the highest warning level
  13. Mamacita

    Twilight Femslash

    Swim Buddy, 600094352 warned 6/17/10 • disclaimer is very vague on ownership clause (does not say WHAT she doesn't own) and has no profit clause
  14. Mamacita

    Twilight Threesomes

    Fair arrangement, 600094316 • disclaimer's profit clause is wrong warned 6/17/10
  15. Mamacita

    Twilight Slash

    The turning of jacob black 600094492 • disclaimer's profit clause is vague warned 6/17/10 Not your usual affair, 600094506 • disclaimer's profit clause is wrong warned 6/17/10 She wolf, 600094427 • disclaimer's profit clause is wrong warned 6/17/10
  16. Hidden secrets found unknown, 600094346 warned 6/17/10 • review ID 3000039730 is the author soliciting reviews, delete
  17. Bella's transformation, 600094459 • disclaimer HAS BEEN FIXED, but mod's review hasn't been removed
  18. Mamacita

    Twilight AU

    Elena's Return, 600094513 • disclaimer vague on ownership clause warned 6/17/10 Don't let me go, 600094146 • disclaimer contains no profit language warned 6/17/10
  19. Disclaimers have been fixed but moderator's reviews not removed in: The Hunter, 600094474 Red Nights, 600094473 (they are the only reviews in each story) as of 6/17/10 Deanna has removed them
  20. Mamacita

    Twilight Crossovers

    Assassin’s Creed: A Coven of Vampires, 600094207 • disclaimer is vague on the profit language Forever Cullen, 600094226 • disclaimer is vague on the profit language Ever the Odd Meeting, 600094212 • disclaimer has no profit clause
  21. Mamacita

    Twilight Gen 5-1

    New Love, 600094129 • disclaimer states not profiting FROM TWILIGHT, doesn't state not profiting FROM STORY warned 6/17/10 The Persistence of Gravity, 600094332 chapter 6 • halfway through the chapter there is an ENORMOUS gap of several inches, then one short line, then another multi-inch gap. not sure if that is intended or if you see something weird about it. • disclaimers states not profiting FROM TWILIGHT, doesn't state not profiting FROM STORY warned 6/17/10 Beneath a Shattered Sky, 600094286 • not exactly a whore, but skating close to the line. multiple reminders to review, beginning AND end of every chapter, multiple times... • disclaimers states not profiting FROM TWILIGHT, doesn't state not profiting FROM STORY warned 6/17/10 Love Survives Death, 600094410 • disclaimers states not profiting FROM TWILIGHT, doesn't state not profiting FROM STORY warned 6/17/10 Saving His Soul, 600093877 Noted in Duplicate Stories also posted in AU (where it really should be) as 600094310 • clear review whoring in AN top of ch.4 but only in 600093877 version which should be deleted. this AN was left out of 600094310 so not an issue if --3877 is deleted i guess. Bones, 600094172 • sorry—SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOTED TO MOVE TO CROSSOVERS (crossed with Bones) 'Dysfunction' is a Four-Letter Word, 600093627 • ch.1,2,3,5 stretched Edward's Egg, 600094249 • sorry—SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOTED TO MOVE TO CROSSOVERS (crossed with Dragon Ball Z) The Brother I Never Knew, 600094250 • disclaimers states not profiting FROM TWILIGHT, doesn't state not profiting FROM STORY warned 6/17/10 Polar Night, 600094280 • ch.1,2,3 SQUISHED • ch.14,15,16 STRETCHED The Wolves Den, 600094530 • disclaimers states not profiting FROM TWILIGHT, doesn't state not profiting FROM STORY warned 6/17/10 Losing Time, 600094235 • ch.6 is an author note only, not a chapter, delete warned 6/17/10
  22. Mamacita

    un-stories ?

    BUFFY / SLASH / ROOT — p.17 Sex, guys & limericks 544183420 —these are limericks, not stories. not sure if they belong here or not...? You're an idiot...but i love you 544193284 —this is a poem, not a story. i don’t know—are poems and limericks and stuff like that allowed? not sure, so i’m reporting it just in case.
  23. Mamacita

    empty story one chapter only, and no text was ever posted. delete!
  24. What grief teaches, 22077 • This never got around to being a story; ch.1 is only a summary and breaks off and that’s all there is; remove?
  25. • 600091650, Proud to be Penny: disclaimer fixed, but review ID 3000031546 by Dark Cabaret not deleted (to bump up count?) • 600091480, Master Tigress: author response in reviews, ID 3000031188, remove • 600091803, Total Sex Island: author response in reviews, ID 3000032512, remove