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  1. Well I had recently changed my Name above my status to *lover of slash, writer of slash* then I log in and its changed to *otters walk among us* just wondering what happened to it
  2. Rachel

    Naughty points?

    thanks I was wondering what they were for
  3. Rachel

    I need a beta please

    I need a beta for my story prehistoric hogwarts if anyone can help i would very grateful
  4. Rachel

    The Three word Story

    ...all of your...
  5. Rachel

    Your Fav Pairing

    What is your fav pairing for Yu Yu Hakusho? Mine is either: Hiei and Kurama Hirameshi and Kurama Hirameshi and Hiei
  6. Rachel

    What's Your Fav Pairing?

    Inuyasha and Sesshomaru
  7. Rachel

    Count To Infinity

  8. Rachel

    Person above you game

    Always says whats on his/her mind
  9. Rachel

    Guilty Or Not Guilty

    Guilty G/NG was found out to be having sex in a shop changing room
  10. Rachel

    Chuck something at the next person

    *gives them to a bunch of clowns* throughs in a cute little puppy
  11. Rachel

    Final Fantasy Pairings You Love

    Sephiroth/Cloud Vincent/Cloud
  12. Rachel

    Johnny Depp

    Here is a place were you can talk all about Johnny Depp and what you think of him
  13. Rachel

    Explain Your Avatar

    My is jean-claude from Anita blake
  14. Rachel

    Gay Blades

    I was wondering if any one has read this book and what you think of it?? and I'f anyone knows were to get any more of Ben tylers books